Kelley Tyan: Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

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I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and let me tell you the truth, it is not always rainbows and unicorns.
Kelley Tyan: Where Does Your Motivation Come From? 1
One of the top questions I always get asked is, “How do you stay motivated all the time?”  My answer is always this: to be honest, I am NOT motivated all the time, but I know at the end of the day, I want to go to bed feeling accomplished.
In my world, getting in a workout 4-5 days a week is an accomplishment.  It is not always easy,  but I have set up habits over time so it is like brushing my teeth everyday.  Do you brush your teeth daily?  What do you do daily that is a habit? Once you start doing something over and over again, it becomes second nature to you even when you don’t feel like doing it, right?  Again, compare that to brushing your teeth.
The motivation comes from the habit that is created,  I have good days and bad days just like you, and I have been knocked down many times through life, just like you.  I have realized over the years that no one escapes adversity at times, but the question is, do you get back up on your feet or do you let your circumstances take over and keep you down?
When it comes to fitness and health, I believe you have to want it from deep inside or you don’t.  There is no in between.  People are driven by what they want, not necessarily by what they really need.  You could need to lose to weight, but do you really want to?  Do you want to put in the work it takes or be disciplined enough to eat the right foods to help you?  Sometimes, the hard answer is no.  Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if others could do the work for us, or pick us up off the floor and make us workout out or eat clean, but that is not happening.  It all comes down to you and your own decisions, so please look deep inside yourself and ask the question: do I want to be healthy and fit to live a more fulfilling life?  Or, am I going to stay home and wish for it.
There is one thing I know for sure, there are going to be times when you want to stay in bed or you had a bad day and don’t feel like doing anything at all.  These are the times you want to push yourself more because bad days can make great workouts.  Try it once and you will know exactly what I mean. You all have what it takes to become your healthiest and to be fit.  The choice is yours, and yours alone.
Here are a few things I do every single day to set myself up to be successful and I am going to share them with you:
#1 – Plan your workout ahead.  If you don’t have a plan, you will not be motivated to do much of anything when you get there.   This is where it is helpful to have a coach if you can, or find a workout online that you want to try within your fitness level.  Planning ahead is half the battle, but this can actually get you excited to go.
#2 – I set my alarm after dinner so mentally I am prepared, and I get my gym clothes ready.
#3 – I always have positive and motivational quotes in my bathroom, so I read them while I am brushing my teeth.
These don’t seem too hard, so give them a try and if you need help, you know where to find me!
So back to where do I get my motivation from? That is not the question you should be asking yourself, you should be asking,  am I ready to form a new habit of exercising each week or eating cleaner for my body?   Are you ready to commit to that answer, or are you going to stay home and let each day continually pass by?  I have hope that someone reading this will start a new life today and overtime, look back and be proud of what you have accomplished.  Trust me when I say this, there is no greater feeling than when you finish a workout, even if it is a 15 minute walk outside.  Your mind may be clearer, your outlook on life that day may be more positive, and you will be proud of yourself.
I always want you to remember one important thing: the best investment you can make, is in yourself.  Post that somewhere and read it every day for a reminder when you forget.  Please contact me for any fitness, training, or nutrition help.  I will be waiting!
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