How are your New Year’s resolutions going for you? Are you sticking to any of them or did you even make any?

It’s OK if you aren’t on track or didn’t even start yet, but February is another month closer to May which means tanks, shorts, and less clothes!!

One of my favorite quotes my mother taught me growing up (which I never paid attention to as a kid) was, “Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.”

I understand now exactly what that means and — in a fitness sense — it means for me to lead a healthy lifestyle and be strong everyday, not putting it off and having regrets.

We should not be striving for perfection in our fitness lives, we should be striving to be just a little better every day than we were the day before. Perfection does NOT exist in anything, especially when you are trying to be healthy, because there will be days when you “fall off” and that is extremely normal. There are certain months in the year where we celebrate holidays and birthdays which lead to overeating and not choosing the best foods. Again, that is OK as long as you get back on track and not fall down the slippery slope.
Everyday can be a struggle of trying to keep our health goals at the top of the list because we have children, work, and other responsibilities that can sometimes leave no time. I get it. I also get that there is no better feeling than being healthy and feeling great day to day.

Which is greater in the end? Making time or making an excuse of why you can’t get to the gym or can’t plan healthy meals for the week? Doing this consistently creates habits and therefore, happiness is always the outcome, isn’t it? Don’t you feel so good after completing a great workout or eating clean for a day or 2? It feels like an accomplishment and it should!

If you have not been on track yet in 2018, now is your time to start. It’s never too late. I suggest writing out a few goals that are achievable for you. Don’t choose something that is too hard to achieve or you will not stick to it. There is one thing for certain: time does not stop for anyone, so we must make good choices each day to feel good! If you don’t plan ahead, nothing will get done and that is a fact. You will find yourself at the fast food drive thru window trying to order something somewhat healthy, then feel miserable after. You don’t need to do that anymore! Making time for yourself should not make you feel guilty, it will bring happiness at the end of the day.

Try setting your alarm earlier a few days a week and get to my Bootcamp at 5:15 AM if you are a woman! If not, you can do an at home workout in under 30 minutes and you don’t have to leave your house. Remember, no-one is going to do things for you, you are in charge of your own health.

I absolutely love working out first thing in the morning and here a few reasons why:

Exercise increases mental acuity so you will get the boost of brainpower that will last all morning!

Exercise is known to lead to a higher quality of sleep so you will feel better after waking up and possibly require less sleep if you wake up earlier and get on a schedule.

You will discover that early morning exercise will help regulate your appetite for the day and you may be so proud of yourself that you will want to choose healthier food options.

Lastly, if you get into the habit of waking up earlier than most people, you will feel extremely accomplished knowing you got in a great sweat before your day starts and most people aren’t even awake. You will leave feeling refreshed and your mind will be more clear to start the day.

My Bootcamp is my sacred place and although waking up at 4:30 AM is not my favorite thing to do, knowing there are amazing women to see in the morning working hard is my motivation. Get yourself into a new routine or try a new method, if the one you are doing is not working.

For all the ladies out there, March 5 begins my next 8 Week Reset Program. It is providing women from all over the country the most amazing results. My focus is teaching you how to get your own body into fat burning mode for good along with providing workouts and full video instructions.

We are all different and what works for one person, may not work for you. This program allows you to find your ONE that will work.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @kelleytyan and please do something to make yourself feel proud this week. This is your time!

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