Worcester’s Kevin H. Brady Performing Tuesday Night in Boston Comedy Festival

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Entertainment, Events, Headlines

WORCESTER – Worcester’s own Kevin H. Brady is performing at the Boston Comedy Festival on Tuesday, December 1. 

Brady, who now lives in New Jersey, performed often in New York City pre-pandemic and now finds his audience over Zoom shows. 

The Boston Comedy Festival — which started over the weekend — is virtual this year due to the pandemic and runs until Saturday, December 5. Nearly 100 comedians will be performing remotely for a cash prize.

Brady grew up in Worcester’s Vernon Hill area near Rice Square.

Brady told ThisWeekinWorcester.com he’d spent a long time wanting to do comedy, as he comes from a background stage acting and being musically talented. 

“I knew I always wanted to go into comedy, but living in Worcester at the time there wasn’t a lot of options. My wife and I moved to New Jersey where New York [City] was close by. In March 2018, I went for it,” Brady said with a laugh. “The worst thing I could do was get up there, tell my jokes, and people don’t laugh, but they did!”  

Brady started out doing open mics and spent the first six months writing material. 

“Now I try to grab as many gigs as possible. I had — before COVID – about 200 shows including open mics to perform. Zoom shows are allowing comedians to do shows more frequently, all over the world and at different times,” Brady said.  


Worcester's Kevin H. Brady Performing Tuesday Night in Boston Comedy Festival 1

Kevin H. Brady/Submitted Photo


Brady doesn’t have to worry about traveling that comes with various shows, and with Zoom he is able to make more connections with other comedians and fans.  

“Different festivals do different processes differently. For most, you have to go through an open audition process where you’re able to submit a standup video. From there, producers select who cannot and can perform. I think with all the online shows there’s more of a wider selection of comics over the world, different tastes, and styles,” Brady said.

Brady currently has about 20 minutes of material and the topics are always changing. Some of his comedic inspirations growing up were from John Candy movies, like Uncle Buck and The Great Outdoors

“I would watch Comedy Central for hours on end. With comedy, as with anything, it has to be personal to you. I like to create my own style which is more autobiographical. You can’t write about what’s not honest to you, people will see through it. I always write what’s real to me,” Brady said.

One of Brady’s most memorable [or funniest] performances was during a show at a sushi restaurant.  

“Seating was different because of COVID, but I remember being outside and I had about 30 seconds left of my set, all of a sudden a fly flew in the back of my mouth. I said that out loud and my audience thought I was joking, I really wasn’t though, I was trying to swallow a fly,” Brady said, laughing.

If you need a good laugh today, check out Kevin H. Brady is performing at the virtual Boston Comedy Festival at 7 PM. 

To tune in to Brady’s performance and purchase tickets, click here. 

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