Worcester Man Arrested for Starting Fire on Main Street

 by Tom MarinoNovember 22, 2021

WORCESTER - A report of a fire sent officers to Main Street during the morning of Monday, November 22, leading to arrest of a local man.

Officers arrived at 950 Main Street to find several bushes on fire next to a Clark University building while a man later identified at Joel Lopez, 29, of Worcester, watched it burn.

When Lopez saw the cruiser pull up, Lopez fled. The officer caught up to him around 973 Main Street.

According to Worcester Police, Lopez took a fighting stance and threatened the officer. When the officer engaged, Lopez threw charcoal lighter fluid at the officer. After the officer had lighter fluid in his eyes, Lopez attempted to punch the officer.

Despite the officer’s burning eyes, Lopez was taken to the ground and arrested.

Lopez faces charges of:

  • Attempt to set a Fire,
  • Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (Lighter Fluid),
  • Assault and Battery on a Police Officer,
  • Resisting Arrest.
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