Governor Baker Issues New Travel Order Effective August 1

by | Jul 24, 2020 | COVID-19, Headlines, News

Governor Charlie Baker issued a new travel order that effects out-of-state residents traveling to Massachusetts and residents returning home.

Starting on August 1 travelers must complete a “Massachusetts Travel Form.”

Travelers must also quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test result administered up to 72-hours prior to arrival.

“The Massachusetts Travel Form” is available online.

Failure to comply with the order carries a $500 fine.

Travelers coming from a state designated as lower-risk are exempt from the requirement. The current states with this designation are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Hawaii.

Individuals coming to Massachusetts for transitory travel are also exempted in the order. Transitory travelers are those driving through Massachusetts or for those required to travel through the state for a connecting flight, bus or train.

Those who commute at least once weekly into Massachusetts to a specific workplace of school campus, those seeking medical care, military personnel and critical infrastructure workers are also exempt.

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