Worcester Man Arrested for Stealing Meat from Walmart

 by Patrick SargentFebruary 25, 2019

WORCESTER - A 34-year-old Worcester man was arrested on Sunday evening after attempting to steal meat from Walmart and backing his vehicle into a Worcester police officer.

According to the Worcester Police Department [WPD], and officer witnessed James Lee, of 19 Henchman St., take two packages of meat and walked through the self-checkout line at Walmart on Tobias Boland Way without paying for them.

The officer told Lee he needed to come back to the loss prevention office and give his identification. Lee dropped his bags and ran for the exit. He entered and started his Ford F150 in the parking lot. The officer came up from behind the vehicle and told Lee to shut the vehicle off and get out of the truck. Lee quickly reversed the vehicle, striking the officer and pushing the officer backward. The officer was able to move to the side to avoid being trapped under the vehicle.

Lee turned the truck around so the officer was in front of it. Lee began driving the truck at the officer. The officer removed his firearm, pointed it at Lee and demanded that he stop the vehicle. Lee continued to roll the vehicle forward at a slow speed. Lee eventually placed the vehicle in park, but continued to step on the gas.

Other officers arrived and the officer was able to remove Lee from the vehicle and place him in handcuffs. A search of Lee's vehicle discovered ten bags of a white substance that appeared to be heroin.

Lee is charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (vehicle), Possession of a Class A Substance with intent to Distribute, Shoplifting by Asportation and Resisting Arrest. He will be arraigned in Worcester District Court.

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