Mariano: Stop Blaming Hillary! (Or Bill!)

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I am a bit confused. I thought that the election was over almost two years ago, and that Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost.

I have this vague recollection of having a nauseous feeling as Trump stood on the platform with his hand on the bible and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I sort of remember some guy named Spicer saying over and over again that crowds at the inaugural were h-u-u-u-ge.

But I must be wrong because when I read social media or listen to Fox News, where we all know you can get the “real” news, all I seem to hear is that everything is Hillary’s fault.

Why would people still be blaming Hillary Clinton if she lost the election?

Raymond V Mariano

Raymond V Mariano

I have always believed that you need to stand up and accept responsibility for mistakes that you make. Over the course of my private and professional life, I have had countless opportunities to accept responsibility for things I did wrong. You might say I am a bit of an expert at it.

I hold the candidates that I support to that same standard. When they make mistakes, I do not blame someone else or try or change the subject. I call them out. And I expect them to stand up and accept reasonability for their mistake and then to move forward.

When I first heard that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server to handle official government emails, I was angry. She was way out of line. I was not interested in hearing that previous Secretaries of State had used a private account. What she did was wrong.

I did not blame Colin Powell or Condi Rice. Hillary was at fault.

But today, when we question the actions of President Trump, people redirect the discussion to HC (or Bill). Here are a few current problems and how some Trump supporters and Fox News have responded.


According to independent news analysis, since he has taken office, President Trump has lied, misled and distorted the facts more than 3,200 times, about 6.5 times every single day including Sundays. Donald Trump lies before he even brushes his teeth in the morning.

Actual Trump supporter response

“Hillary lied about Benghazi and she lied about the Uranium One deal. She is the real liar. She is a piece of Sh#*!!!”

Ray’s response

So, your answer is that because you think someone else lied, it is okay for the President to lie to the American people – daily and repeatedly. Is that what you tell your children? “It’s okay to lie because little Johnny lied and we all know he is a piece of sh#* anyway!”


Because they violated U.S. law, Trump threatened to ban Chinese telecom company ZTE from doing business in our country. Then the Chinese government invested $500 million in a Trump hotel and our president reversed his position and let ZTE off with a fine.

President Trump’s recent tax plan keeps or adds tax exemptions for people who own golf courses (like Trump), for real estate developers (like Trump) and for people who have private jets (like Trump). Independent analysis shows that based on the single tax return we have of his, the proposed tax plan would save the President $11-15 million in one year. His heirs would save an additional $4.5 million in estate tax.

Additionally, the President has raised the fees at his Mara Largo resort once he became President and foreign dignitaries and lobbyists are flocking to stay at his hotel in Washington all putting more money in his pocket.

Actual Trump supporter response

“Hillary is the real crook. She took money to sell all of our uranium to the Russians.”

Another Trump supporter

“Too bad Clinton didn’t get to rob some more.”

Ray’s response

You honestly believe that because you think Hillary did something wrong that it is open season for Trump to use his office to enrich himself? You actually like the idea that his tax plan will cost the average American more money over the next decade while it will save him hundreds of millions of dollars?

The President and his pals are putting billions of dollars into the pockets of the richest Americans and they are taking it directly out of our pockets, it is the greatest transfer of wealth to the rich in the history of our country – and you only want to talk about HC?


Not long ago, when talking about “shithole countries” President Trump said “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” His comments were widely viewed as racist.

Actual Trump supporter response

“If the Clintons HAD really used the money for Haiti it would be in a lot better shape now.”

Another Trump supporter

“Remember, the Clinton’s were in charge of billions of dollars to fix that country. They spent a chunk of it on Chelsea’s wedding.”

Ray’s response

Yes of course, it’s Chelsea’s fault that Trump is a racist. The Clintons stole money and the Republicans in Congress decided to just look the other way. And that caused our president to make racist remarks. It all makes sense to me now.

Of course it all starts with President Trump. Whenever he wants to change the subject, the man who won the election blames the woman who lost. He does it so often that you might think that she still is a candidate and that the campaign is still going on. When he gets asked a question about the Russia investigation, he says that Hillary and the Democrats are the ones that should be investigated.

Our country is facing many challenges. These real issues need answers that do more than try and shift blame or divert our attention.

But as for Fox News and all of those Trump supporters who answer almost every question by blaming HC, I say stop blaming the candidate who lost the election and start taking responsibility for the issues facing our country.

Repeatedly trying to shift the blame and divert attention from your own shortcomings shows a weakness of character and a dishonesty that is disqualifying – at least in my opinion.

Many of the Trump supporters who have commented on my columns have said that “the election is over and Trump won, get over it.” I admit that it is hard for me to accept the fact that Donald Trump is our President. But, he is.

Now it is time for you and Donald Trump to “get over it.” The election is over. It is time for President Trump to stand up and take responsibility for himself and his administration. It is time for him and his supporters to stop blaming someone else or changing the conversation anytime a tough question gets asked.

It is time that we hold Donald Trump responsible for his actions.

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