Mass. the 7th Least Dependent State on Federal Government

 by Tom MarinoMarch 16, 2023
Last Updated March 16, 2023 2:01 PM

A new study that analyzes the dependency on the federal government of all 50 states, finds that Massachusetts is the 7th least dependent state in the U.S.

The study considered three metrics its evaluation. Here is how the Bay State ranked in those metrics.

The residents of just two states, New Jersey and Delaware, are less dependent on federal funding, The state government of Massachusetts was ranked 38th most dependent.

In overall reliance on the federal government, the six states found less dependent than Massachusetts are:

  • 45th - California
  • 46th - Illinois
  • 47th - Kansas
  • 48th - Washington
  • 50th - New Jersey

New England states were assessed the following rankings.

  • 13th - Maine
  • 16th - Vermont
  • 21st - Rhode Island
  • 23rd - New Hampshire
  • 31st - Connecticut
  • 44th - Massachusetts

The statea found most dependent on the federal government is Alaska, followed by West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and New Mexico.

The see the full study and learn about its methodology, visit

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