Matt Wally: District 5 Issues to Remain a Priority on City Council

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I am running for the District 5 City Council position because there are a number of very important issues facing the residents of the district and I want to make sure those issues remain a priority for the administration over the next few years.

Matt Wally: District 5 Issues to Remain a Priority on City Council 1

Matt Wally/photo by Matthew Wright

The first issue has to do with the two high schools in the district.  As the process for a new South High continues a number of important decisions will be made. I will ensure the residents, students, parents, and educational professionals have their voices heard during these decisions.  I will also continue to push to make sure the approval process for a new Doherty High isn’t delayed.

The second issue has to do with our public parks.  In my role as a member of the Parks Commission I have been involved with the approval of a dog park at Boynton Park, a master plan at Hadwen Park, and a rectangular playing field at Farber Field. I will fight to make sure future budgets have the funding to implement these improvements.

The third issue has to do with the district’s street and sidewalk infrastructure. Too many of the district’s streets are in disrepair and many streets are without sidewalks.  I will advocate for the implementation of a Complete Streets policy which will improve public safety for pedestrians, children walking to school, and bicyclists.  

I also want to take steps in order to provide sustainable tax relief for homeowners.  Over time the amount of taxes paid to the City by a shrinking business community has decreased significantly. This decrease has led to an increase in the taxes paid by Worcester homeowners.  If we want to reverse this trend and provide long term sustainable tax relief to residents, we need to create an environment which is conducive to growing existing businesses and attracting new businesses to the city.

Although my priority as your District Councilor will be on issues pertaining to the district there are a number of very important city-wide issues I want to impact as well.  One such issue is the homeownership rate in Worcester.  Currently below fifty percent, steps need to be taken to increase this percentage, and the biggest opportunity to do so is by facilitating the owner occupancy of two and three deckers throughout the city.  

I am a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and received a master’s degree in Community Development and Planning from Clark University.   I am a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, a Director of Matthew 25, a Director of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, a Trustee Associate for the Nativity School of Worcester, a Steering Committee Member of the Worcester Tree Initiative and have served in volunteer positions at Preservation Worcester, The Family Health Center of Worcester, and Habitat for Humanity.  

If you are looking for someone to serve as your voice at City Hall I am your candidate. Your consideration for a vote on November 7th is appreciated.  Thank you.

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