WORCESTER – Former Worcester staple Maurice the Pants Man set to reopen its doors this summer with a brand new concept in the same old terrifying location.

“I think we lost touch with our customer base” stated Maurice Lebowitzmanburgstien, better known as Maurice the Pants Man. “I think taking the focus off of my one true love, pants, and putting the focus more on complete outfits is the way to go.”

Maurice The Pants Man to Re-Brand as Maurice the Full Outfit Man 1

He added, “I’m a pants man, maybe you’re a pants man, but we are not all pants men. A lot of people — believe it or not —  shirt guys or shoe people. So I think if we turn our attention to those less desirable, yet equally important outfit pieces, we will see the success we once had with pants.”

Mr. Lebowitzmanburgstien plans not only to reopen the store but also the bargain outlet in the parking lot across the street.

Lebowitzmanburgstien said, “If you need a giant monotone t-shirt that smells like mothballs and you have two shiny quarters in your pocket, we got ourselves a deal.”

 As Maurice works on showing the public that he is more than just a pants man, he said he knows that in his heart of hearts he will never change.

“I’m not going to lie, every time a customer comes to the register my belly flutters with hopes that they have a cart full of pants, but at the end of the day the world is changing and so must I,” Lebowitzmanburgstien said.

Be on the lookout as Maurice the Full Outfit Man will be putting coupons such as, buy a shirt get pants free or buy pants get more pants free, in local newspapers and magazines soon.

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