WORCESTER – During his fourth inaugural address Mayor Joseph M. Petty told a crowd of approximately 350 attendees that Worcester is on the move and the city is just getting started.

Mayor Petty Calls for Continued Growth and Progress for Worcester in Inaugural Address 1

“The state of our city has never been stronger,” Petty said during the Inauguration event, held free to the public at Mechanics Hall.

Petty gave credit to his colleagues on stage and the ones that came before them for the success of the state of the city.

“The name and faces of the people behind have changed,” Petty said. “It’s not easy being an elected official and every person on this stage and every inauguration before deserves the recognition from everyone here tonight.”

Petty credited the years of work to all the groundbreaking ceremonies that happened over the course of the last two years.  Namely, the new Nelson Place School he called for during his first inauguration which opened this past fall.

Petty also mentioned that the Route 20 sewer project is underway, with the help of the state delegation, and will help increase property values and clean our water.

Petty said that the city has been successful and responsible during his tenure as mayor. He referenced the city’s bond ratings and graduation rates at historic highs and the city’s crime rate has hit historic lows.

Petty said the momentum will continue with the opening of the 145 Front Apartments at City Square, the neighboring AC Marriott hotel and the construction to begin on the old Courthouse.

“The word about Worcester is spreading.  It is spreading across the Commonwealth, across New England and across the country,” Petty said.

During his next term, Petty is calling on a comprehensive plan to address the deterioration of the triple decker neighborhood neighborhoods.  Stating that the center of the city is strong and it is now time to address these neighborhoods to promote owner occupancy and beautification in these areas.

Petty also state that when it comes to the 2020 Census, Worcester could pass the 200,000 resident mark for the first time in 70 years.

“Make no mistake we are growing as a city. The question is where we are growing and how we are growing,” he said.

Petty said he will continue to work for the implementation of the City’s Master Plan, improve the parks — namely Green Hill —  and work with the State delegation to include Regatta Point as part of the Master Plan to improve the city’s Blue spaces.

He said he will push for new buildings for Burncoat High School and Worcester East Middle to go along with the planned new South and Doherty High Schools.

Petty closed his remarks by calling on everyone to help move Worcester forward.

“I am proud of our city and I am still proud to be your mayor,” Petty said. “Now let’s get to work.”

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