McCullough: Committed to Making Decisions that Positively Impact our School System

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As a first term member of the Worcester School Committee, I have participated in decision making that has greatly impacted the course of our school system in many critical ways. My first major decision came when I cast a vote to hire Maureen Binienda as our Superintendent of Schools. I support Mrs. Binienda’s vision of developing each of our students through high expectations for her staff and students within a unified community and with a compassionate mindset.

McCullough: Committed to Making Decisions that Positively Impact our School System 1

I also advocated with my colleagues on the school committee and school committee members throughout our State to successfully defeat Question #2 on the ballot which would have allowed the State to approve up to 12 additional charter schools and/or to expand existing charter schools beyond the current cap.

I have pushed to institutionalize the AVID Program throughout the system. The AVID Program prepares students in the areas of organization, thinking and writing skills, vocabulary acquisition and organizational preparedness as well as promoting high academic achievement, college aspiration, and confidence building.

As a School Committee Member, I will continue to work to expand our vocational offerings throughout the system and look at ways for these opportunities to be available to more members of our community. I will continue to fight for enhanced technology throughout the district and the means to support it.

Along with my colleagues I have petitioned for replacement of inadequate buildings and buildings which are not technology-ready.  I have listened to teachers, parents, and administrators to determine what they need to maximize the potential of our students.

Additionally, I have met with business owners and residents of Worcester in order to learn what their expectations are relative to how the schools can improve living in our city.

Most significantly, I have joined with my colleagues on both the School Committee and City Council in petitioning our State Legislators to revise the state’s school funding formula which is, at this time, inadequate to accomplish every goal we share for providing an adequate education for all of our students. I believe that the success of our city depends on the success of our school system.  I have always lived in Worcester and attended the Worcester Public Schools. I believe in the greatness of our city and our schools and just recently purchased my first home in Worcester so I am committed to our great city which is growing and evolving and offering opportunities in education, biotechnology, medicine, arts, music, entertainment, and top rated restaurants.

I feel as though my work has just begun and I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7th.

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