Sterling Dance Company Hosting Virtual Prom Saturday Night

by | May 9, 2020 | Entertainment, Events, Headlines

STERLING – For most high school students, prom is more than just a tradition, but a milestone for teenagers to look forward to at the end of high school. 

It’s one of the most anticipated events of senior year, and is an opportunity to get dressed up and make memories with friends. However, that’s not the case this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic

This year, dance floors will remain empty, as students are asked to stay at home, social distancing from their friends. 

“As we continue to practice social distancing, we’re excited to offer an exclusive interactive virtual experience to help high school students bring prom night to life in the digital universe,” said Paula Meola, owner of Paula Meola Dance and Performing Arts [PMD] in Sterling.

On Saturday, May 9, PMD is hosting a virtual prom for all of their students who otherwise would not have experienced prom. 

“#PMDgoestoprom” will include live music by one of Boston’s top DJs, “DJ Xkaliber.” The dance studio- which considers their dancers, faculty, and staff as family, has adapted well to today’s “new normal,” and as reported, is offering over 60 virtual classes per week.



“Our goal was to provide a sense of normalcy for our dancers and the feedback that we have received from many parents has been wonderful. They keep telling us that our virtual dance classes have allowed their children to connect with friends, engage with their teachers while getting exercise from inside their homes,” Meola said.

PMD invites their students to dress up in their suits and gowns, pose for the camera, and invite dates or friends to attend #PMDgoestoprom as they would for a traditional prom. 

Students are encouraged to submit song requests, and are open to hold TikTok dance challenges from their Instagram accounts. 

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Liz Fay is a Grafton resident. She received her Bachelors degree from Nichols College in Psychology and Education. Her writing focuses on Events and Entertainment.