Leaders of MOD Making Positive Impact on Nichols Community

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Headlines, News

DUDLEY – Ronnie Joseph and Darrien Waugh are creating a change and inspiring others on and off campus at Nichols College through the Men of Distinction [MOD] club. 

MOD was created to ensure that the minorities at Nichols didn’t feel out of place. In early October, they led a two-mile Social Justice walk that led about 100 students and staff through the town of Dudley.

Joseph, a senior and Sport Management major is President of the MOD club on campus. Waugh, a senior and a general business major, is the Vice President of the club.  

“Being selected president was very shocking to me at first, but I knew there was a reason behind me being chosen. I help MOD really understand that communication is key and help each member learn how to become a better man. My favorite part about being in the club is the impact we make around campus with events we do. Everyone understands how important minorities are on campus and they come to all our events showing much love,” Joseph said. 

“With my current role as the vice president, I’ve incorporated much of my experience from my previous position into my new role. This had led to [Joseph] and I creating impactful events so far throughout the semester, including the march,” Waugh said. 


Leaders of MOD Making Positive Impact on Nichols Community 1

MOD Rally in Dudley/Image courtesy of MOD


With the help of their club and advisors, Marc Creegan and Brandon Linton, the walk had an amazing turnout following COVID guidelines. The walk started on the football field and took about 45 minutes to complete. 

“The main message I wanted to send through the march is that the Men Of Distinction is here to stay. No matter what circumstances were against, no matter how hard it’s going to get, we’re going to do what we got to do to create change in our community, and the world,” Waugh said.

Joseph and Waugh are planning on leaving an even better foundation for the younger members of the group. Their goals for the future are to have more events, however, they are focused on acquiring more young members at this time.  

“MOD has impacted Nichols in a big way. The campus needs to understand that being different is okay. The Nichols community respect the group and know we put our all into what we do. I know I was selected president, but I didn’t know I was going to have an amazing group of men that I’m honored to lead as their president,” Joseph said.  

Becoming a leader is one step. However, inspiring others to lead, is another. 

“My advice to the world and to the BLM community would be to listen more than you speak, and to always stand your ground no matter the circumstances you face. I believe once people understand what we are up against, only then can we find a solution,” Waugh said. “The only way to get to that point is to listen, understand, and to have the hard conversations.”



Lead image: From left to right: Ronnie Joseph, Samuel Saintilus, Josiah Cook, Lexxus Andrews, Khrisan Grant, Brandon Texiera, and Darrien Waugh. 

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