Mosquito Control Starts Early to Fight EEE

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Health, Headlines, News

The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project [CMMCP] is already implementing mitigation efforts and has expressed concerns about both Eastern Equine Encephalitis [EEE] and West Nile Virus during the upcoming season.

CMMCP began wetlands inspections and treatments in April, which will continue into September. It also began treating catch basins in late
May, which lower the risk of West Nile Virus.

EEE caused the cancellation of many outdoor activities taking place at night to last year, including fall high school sports.

CMMCP recommends residents follow the following to minimize risk:

  • Dress in long sleeves and pants when possible. Cover up during periods of mosquito activity
  • Dawn & Dusk are mosquitoes’ most active periods
  • DEET is effective repellent. Follow instructions for use
  • Drain water from containers

Residents can call CMMCP to pick up old tires, which can gather water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It is also accepting requests for limited area spraying.

Service can be requested at their website or call 508-393-3055.

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