MSP K9 Helps Locate Woman Escaping Ambulance on Rt. 495

 by TWIW StaffOctober 26, 2021

WESTBOROUGH - A woman in transport escaped from an ambulance on the on-ramp to Route 495 southbound from Route 9 on Tuesday, October 26, leading to traffic being stopped briefly and Massachusetts State Police [MSP] K9 unit being deployed.

MSP described the woman as an ā€œemotionally troubled young woman.ā€

The woman exited the ambulance around 11:30 AM and ran onto Route 495 and across the median. She jumped down onto Route 9 westbound and continued to flee.

MSP deployed patrols and a K9 unit to search the areas around Route 495 and Route 9. Trooper Ken Hanchett and K9 Orry, pictured above, were part of the deployment.

Orry indicated a desire to cross the highway and Troopers momentarily stopped traffic to enable the K9 and Hanchett to cross and reacquire the track.

Just before noon, Orry pulled down an embankment into the woods to enable Trooper Hanchett to locate the woman. She had self-inflicted and life-threatening lacerations to herself, believed to be caused with a piece of broken glass found in the woods.

Hanchett directed EMS to the location of the woman while rendering medical aid. MSP provided a police escort to EMS who transported the woman to UMass Medical Center in Worcester.

The woman is expected to survive.

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