Music, Makers, Artists, Football: Get The Holiday Party Started at StART at the Station

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It’s never been your typical craft fair, but this year’s StART at the Station has something new and really unique to offer.

“We wanted an area where guests could gather, listen to music, enjoy a holiday drink with friends, or just have a place to sit and relax in-between shopping” says Stacy Lord, co-founder and organizer of StART at the Station.  

The new addition? The  StART Lounge.  A “destination” area complimenting the handmade holiday theme of the day.

“The Grand Hall of Union Station is currently vacant, so we used the opportunity to create a space that would add to the experience”  said Lord.  “We think people will enjoy it.”

Music, Makers, Artists, Football: Get The Holiday Party Started at StART at the Station 1

With an incredible line up of musicians and performers:

  • 10:50 – EVE Belly Dancers
  • 11:25 – The Cosby Sweaters
  • 12:50 – The Jazz Depot
  •   1:05 – Big Eyed Rabbit
  •   2:10 – Niki Laparelli and the Gold Diggers
  •   3:30 – Dark Matter-Claymore & MadS.
  •   4:20 – Carlos Odria Trio

TV’s will be set-up so you can catch the game, and restaurants open with several dining options, this in addition to Sunday’s 12th annual gift-themed arts festival is sure to be a hit with all who attend.  

StART at the Station is where New England’s love of all things handmade comes together for the holidays.  Different from StART on the Street, with hundreds of vendors, StART at the Station is a more intimate, holiday themed event, held inside Worcester’s historic Union Station.  Once considered the most beautiful building in Massachusetts, the venue gives the event a sense of elegance that most fairs and festivals don’t have.  With over 130 artisans carefully curated to display their works, it’ can be exciting for those with an eye for art to choose from the high quality selection of handmade books, cards, paintings, pottery, textiles, and one of a kind pieces of jewelry being showcased. StART at the Station represents the city’s creative “Best of the “Best”  and draws artists and makers — and shoppers — from throughout New England.

The shop local, shop handmade movement across that country has taken hold here in Worcester.   Artists work all year for the chance to sell at StART, and shoppers have it on their calendars as well.

Music, Makers, Artists, Football: Get The Holiday Party Started at StART at the Station 2

“You really feel like you are getting that very special something from an artist who put their talent into creating each piece” says Laura Jeffries, of Worcester. “The variety and quality of handcrafted items gets better every year.”  

In addition to finding some great gifts for someone else, or even yourself, by shopping at  stART at the Station  you are not only feeding the local economy, you are allowing for the buyer and seller to connect.  People create because they want to share a part of who they are.  They have an idea.  They work through it.  They “make” it, and then they take it to market, not just to sell it, but to find out who likes it, who needs it, and why.  They want feedback on how they can improve it.  They want to meet their customers, and in turn their customers want to meet them. “Handmade” is real, and the unique connection that happens when you meet the person who made what you are holding in your hands, with their hands, is really cool!  You’re no longer shopping, you’re building a relationship with someone who shares a common interest.

This year StART at the Station has been hilighting some of the artisans attending, through a social media campaign.  A great way to preview what will be available to purchase, and to hear, in their own words, what each artist is trying to convey through their work. Additionally, it gives the buyer who may not be able to attend, the opportunity to find out where they can purchase pieces they like.

So if you love art, and handmade, and want to support our local creative community this holiday season, head over to Union Station this Sunday and enjoy a day of music, food, shopping, and maybe a little football in the lounge.

stART at the Station, in it’s 12 th year, will be held at Union Station, 2 Washington Square, Worcester, on Sunday, December 3rd, from 11am – 5pm.  Admission is FREE.  If you would like to begin your Holiday Shopping a little early, from 9am – 11am, and skip the holiday crowds, tickets will be available for $15 per person at the door for this preview shopping experience.  Parking is available for $1 at the Union Station Garage and in FREE municipal lots around the station.  There is an ATM on site.   Union Station is wheelchair accessible, and has a full length high level platform.

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