Don't Play Coy: Go Check out the New Koi Pond Supply Store in Worcester

 by Sam BishopJune 21, 2022
Patrick Sullian,, owner of New England Koi
New England Koi owner Patrick Sullivan

WORCESTER - New England Koi fish and pond supply shop opened a new hotspot for fish enthusiasts last week in Worcester.

The business was based in Granby since it opened in 2004 until new owner Patrick Sullivan bought the store last year and moved into the former community church at 100 Chandler Street.

“A lot of our customers are from all over the state, so the move wasn’t a big deal for most of them,” Sullivan said in an interview with on Monday. "We already have half our fish in and the other half are being delivered this week.”

The store has over 1,000 Koi and goldfish in stock with more on the way, including 200 Japanese Koi being delivered on Thursday.

According to Sullivan, Koi fish have an average life span of 35 years in Massachusetts and can live to nearly 100.

Along with fish, the store sells supplies for ponds and provides maintenance services for ponds. Harvard University is among their current clients.

New England Koi is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM. Follow them on Facebook here.

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