WORCESTER – On Wednesday night, under the new neon light, was the grand opening of the Worcester Pop-Up — and grand it was!  Not just because the venue was well attended, and not just because Worcester’s Mayor and City Manager were there encouraging a new creative initiative as it breathes more life into downtown.


It was the artists, musicians, performers, collectors, educators, and people from the community who came to support this event, and who will make this space the artisan success story it seems destined to be.

When you think of a pop-up, it is usually associated with the terms “store” or “shop”, explicitly drawing the link between short-term space rental and retail brands.  However, the art industry has been benefiting from this trend and showing that the pop-up format can address their current challenges very well. Designers, photographers, painters, gallery owners, and artists working in all mediums, are realizing that whether they want to expose their work, sell their work, or hold temporary exhibitions, short-term space rentals are important, and the Worcester Pop-Up is set to do just that, and more.  

The New Worcester Pop-Up: Opening A Space for Everyone 1

Pop-Up Event/Photo: Darcy Schwartz

With a mission to offer the space as a resource for local artists, makers, musicians, performers and entrepreneurs to use and continue the growth of Worcester’s creative economy, Erin Williams, Cultural Development Officer for the City of Worcester, and Hank Von Hellion, Worcester Pop Program Managing Director, are creating something less traditional and wider in scope.  A unique venue that invites creatives to bring their ideas to life, the Worcester Pop-Up is set for live performances, art exhibitions, hands-on activities, writer’s, musician’s, poet’s and collaborative art “experiments” between different organizations. Anything is possible, and all are welcome. It’s a community art space, being designed and re-designed by ALL of Worcester’s creative community. The schedule of events is already filling, with a sneaker art exhibition and an art circus scheduled for early May.  Free and open to the public, this is a space where there will always be something for everyone.

If you are an artist, creative entrepreneur, organization or community member seeking space to share your vision, come visit us to learn more.  For more information, artist applications, and a complete schedule of events, please visit our website at www.worcesterpopup.org The Worcester Pop-Up is located at 20 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA, 01608

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