Nichols College 'Sweat for Vets' Raises over $1,500 for Project New Hope

 by Hope RudzinskiNovember 25, 2021

DUDLEY, Mass. - Giving back to their local veterans and community, the students of Nichols College aimed to create an impact that lasted more than 22 miles. 

The students and faculty of Nichols College Sweat for Vets 22-mile walk/run event raised money for Project New Hope (PNH). The walk was held on Vendetti Field on Veterans Day. As participants reached each lap, they donated one dollar per lap. Project New Hope is a non-profit organization that finds and delivers the wellness resources needed by veterans, service members, their families, and full units that have deployed together. 

This was my first time organizing Sweat for Vets. We had a great turnout and we raised close to $1,000 at the event...One of the students in the class came up with the idea to create co-branded shirts and hoodies. We estimate $200 to $300 from merchandise sales will go to PNH,” Priscila Alfrando-Barrantes, Nichols College professor of Sports Management, said. 

Students in the social media marketing class helped organize Sweat for Vets. 

There are many formal programs where college students help in community, business, human services, and other initiatives. It is a win-win for Nichols College, the student, and the community. Students who are studying business with (Alfaro Barrantes) will be able to apply their classroom learning to an actual situation,” Bill Moore, president and CEO of Project New Hope, Inc, said.

While helping to organize this event, the students of Nichols College’s social media marketing class were wanting to give back in any way they could – even if it was sitting down and sharing someone’s story. 

“The most rewarding part was definitely being able to work with veterans and give back. It was interesting hearing everyone’s stories and being able to do something for them. Giving them a huge amount of support was important,”junior Logan Kellaher, a sports management major, said. “We interviewed some of the veterans that had participated in the event and had them posted on Instagram. Questions like your involvement, how they found out about Project New Hope.”

Besides the Sweat for Vets walk/run event, Nichols’ Social Media: Sport Practicum class has done numerous amounts of fundraising for PNH. 

“We have done 22 push-up challenges to 22 step-up challenges. Next year could be a new event, challenge or could be Sweat for Vets again. It is really up to the people within the class to decide what they would like to do,” junior Sean Williams said.

A little over $1,500 was raised through the donations that came through the website and through Sweat for Vets.

If you would like to donate, fundraise, or volunteer for PNH, click here:

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