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No Time Out:
Worcester City Council Canidates 

No Time Out is about conversations and enabling people to be heard and express thoughts that aren't packaged for sound bites. The motivation for this series was the reliance on forum-style events during election season that allow candidates a minute or two answers, and then met with, "you are out of time."

Prior to preliminary elections on Sept. 5, candidates from districts one, two, and five appeared. During election season, candidates competing in races for mayor, at-large city councilor, and in district three also appeared. 

Each candidate for city council was contacted by email in both August and September. Thank you to those that participated in what we hope is a valuable resource for voters. 

Issues with the video players are likely caused by an adblocker. 

Click the "See the 1-on-1" for the discussion with each candidate. Also included are links to the website and social media profiles of each campaign. 
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Bill Coleman

Candidates for mayor are also candidates for At-Large City Council. Petty is the incumbent Mayor..
The Mayor is the chair of both City Council and School Committee
Petty, King, and Colorio are incumbent At-Large City Councilors

City Councilor At-Large

Incumbents are noted with *

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

Luis Ojeda

District 5