An Open Letter and Challenge to Paul Pierce: Welcome to Your Tape

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This story was originally published in a Facebook post in May 2016 following the retirement of Boston Celtics great Paul Pierce. On Feb. 11, Pierce’s number #34 will be retired in the rafters at TD Garden in Boston during the Celtics-Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Harrison Ingels, 30, is from Leominster and attended Frontier Regional High School in Deerfield. The following story took place in 2000 when Ingels was a freshman at Frontier.  He is currently a high school football coach.

An Open Letter and Challenge to Paul Pierce: Welcome to Your Tape 1


Paul Pierce.  I saw you retired today, you snake.

You thought I would forget about the trauma from when I was in ninth grade, did you?

This is a completely true story about your “hero” and how he acts with his fans.

Hey, Paul Pierce. Welcome to your Tape.

So here I am as a young Harrison.

Does everyone remember when you used to sell the boxes of candy for a fundraiser?

I sold two which gave me two drawings into a raffle to ‘meet Paul Pierce and play basketball with him at Yankee Candle in South Deerfield.

They had an ’employee gymnasium’. Imagine my shock when I win the raffle. I swallow my pride — which makes this that much more painful — pretend I’m a Celtics fan. That’s right. I was too afraid to let the man know I repped New Jersey Nets all day. I was a Kansas fan though, so I loved me “The Truth.”

So the day finally comes. I go and meet Paul Pierce. He gives me an autographed picture of him with a basketball and a fu%*ing candle [Yankee Candle clearly had a promo]. He gave me an arm band that said “The Truth #34” and autographed my fu%*ing t-shirt without me even asking.

Ruined a shirt I wore a lot, to be honest.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Harry, he seems like a good dude. Why the hate?’

Let me tell you what the fu%* happened next.

We go the gym for the highlight of the raffle prize.  I get to shoot around with Paul. We start shooting. Everything is cool. Paul asks if I wanna play HORSE. You damn right I do. I slid on the arm band to give myself some extra juice..


We start playing horse and this fuc%*head immediately sinks a three-pointer from 15 feet behind the three-point line.

I air-balled, naturally.


This fu%*ing guy doesn’t step within 10 feet of the three- point line until the last letter (E).

I think he missed one shot.

Then when he’s on the final letter.. HE DRIVES IN FOR A FU%*ING DUNK.

Guy fu%*ing smashed the s$$t through the rim like it was NBA jam on Sega Genesis. Wouldn’t even let me lay it up. I miss, and this dude legit laughed and said he had fun then left.

No ‘Hey keep working.’ He didn’t even let me try to feel good with a free throw shot. He came out swinging and made sure I’d never so much as dribble a basketball again.

He beat me in horse on six shots and called me fat.

Paul, if you’re reading this, I hate your guts.. I want a fu%*ing REMATCH. No dunks allowed.

I’ll put up $100 to any charity he wants. If I win, he’s donating $1,000 to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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