Here’s the Most Popular Part-time Work Retirees Choose in MA

by | May 27, 2020 | Business, Headlines, News

People work a huge portion of their lives to earn retirement, but many return to work after some time. Boredom combined with dissatisfaction with retired life and the financial security of additional income often push retirees back into the workforce.

A recent study by Choice Mutual, an independent final expense insurance agency, shows what professions people coming out of retirement are choosing across the United States.

The most popular profession in Massachusetts for retirees is working as a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping is also the most popular profession among retirees in a dozen other states, making it the leading choice across the nation.

Bookkeeping is also most popular in both New Hampshire and Maine.

The nationwide pay  rate for retirees turned bookkeepers is $17.35 per hour or $42,940 per year.

Other choices across the country include school bus driver, home health aide, substitute teacher, orderly, secretary, administrative assistant, licensed practical nurse, office manager and dental hygienist.

The highest-paid profession chosen by retirees is dental hygienist. Retirees earn $34.24 per hour or $59,077 on average.

See the most popular professions for retirees in each state below or see the entire study here.

Here’s the Most Popular Part-time Work Retirees Choose in MA 1
ArkansasDental Hygienist
ConnecticutSchool Bus Driver
DelawareSchool Bus Driver
District of ColumbiaOffice Manager/Administrative Assistant
GeorgiaSchool Bus Driver
HawaiiSubstitute Teacher
IdahoDental Hygienist
IndianaSchool Bus Driver/Bookkeeper
KansasLicensed Practical Nurse
LouisianaLicensed Practical Nurse
MarylandSchool Bus Driver
MinnesotaSchool Bus Driver/Bookkeeper
MississippiDental Hygienist
MissouriSubstitute Teacher
NebraskaDental Hygienist
NevadaSubstitute Teacher
New HampshireBookkeeper
New JerseyHome Health Aide
New MexicoSubstitute Teacher
New YorkHome Health Aide
North CarolinaDental Hygienist
North DakotaOrderly
OhioLicensed Practical Nurse
OklahomaDental Hygienist
OregonDental Hygienist
PennsylvaniaLicensed Practical Nurse
Rhode IslandOrderly/Substitute Teacher
South CarolinaDental Hygienist
South DakotaDental Hygienist
TennesseeDental Hygienist
TexasSubstitute Teacher
UtahDental Hygienist
VermontSubstitute Teacher
VirginiaSubstitute Teacher
WashingtonSchool Bus Driver
West VirginiaSchool Bus Driver
WisconsinLicensed Practical Nurse
WyomingDental Hygienist

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