Q&A: Ariel Lim, Vice Chairperson of Advisory Committee on Status of Women

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Headlines, News

The City of Worcester’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women [ACSW] was established 43 years ago and is designed to address concerns of particular interest to women of  Worcester. The committee was founded on the principle of working together to be part of the solution.

As the Worcester Community continues to foster diversity, shift mindsets and power for inclusivity, while improving the economic status of women, ACSW remains gender and culturally responsive The committee was given the task to foster diversity and improve the economic status of women by bringing attention to inequity. Specific focuses include, but are not limited to: feminism, gender roles and expectations, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, and racism.

Earlier this month, ThisWeekinWorcester.com had the chance to interview ACSW Vice Chairperson Ariel Lim.

Lim grew up in the Main South area of Worcester. She currently works for the City of Worcester in the Executive Office of Economic Development as a Staff Assistant. She also serves on the board of Dress for Success Worcester and was part of the Leadership Worcester Class of 2020.

For ACSW, Lim collaborates with the committee to plan and host events, raise awareness of issues facing women in the Worcester community, and support policies introduced by community members and other organizations.

TWIW: How has being a leader of the City of Worcester’s advisory committee on the status of women, shaped you into the person you are today?

Lim: I consider myself a feminist, but the feminism I’d been practicing prior to my involvement with the ACSW was very white-centered. My experience with the ACSW has opened my eyes to the disparities in the feminist movement and the need for intersectionality in our work. The experiences I have had with the committee have also humbled me in that I recognize how much I personally need to grow as a leader. I am learning to stand up not just for my values, but the values of the many women in the community we represent.

TWIW: What’s the main message you want other women to know about your work on the committee? How can other women get involved? 

Lim: My work on the committee seeks to acknowledge that women in our community have unique needs and causes they believe in, and we can amplify their voices and be an ally and advocate as a committee. Women can get involved by potentially joining the committee – we have a few openings – and by reaching out to us with questions, concerns, ideas, or comments. We are here to listen to your voices!

TWIW: Any advice in how women can have a voice, what are ways we can help others?

Lim: Fortunately, more eyes are on social media due to the pandemic, and this a great platform for women to speak up and share information. We’ve also seen many demonstrations being held in the community, with women leading many of the events. Show up if you can. Donate if you can. Share the information about community events and needs with your networks. Check in with the women in your life – even just to say hi and let them know they aren’t alone. Your voice matters, and we hear you.

Check out the City of Worcester’s website, where you can find information about us and how to join committees.

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