TWIW’s Quarantine Guide to Virtual Experiences for All Ages

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Entertainment, Events, Headlines

WORCESTER – Many of us have been social distancing for weeks and staying at home for our health and safety. The routine can be monotonous and you may feel like you are missing out on exciting experiences. 

Keep yourself entertained with’s list of virtual experiences that are fun for all ages. 

Log into all your devices and prepare yourself for a virtual trip around the world, a virtual stroll through nature, and virtual classes to learn new hobbies! 


Zoos around the nation are sharing live feeds of their animals. 

Tune into the San Diego Zoo’s live streams to see baboons, penguins, koalas, butterflies, and so much more! 

TWIW's Quarantine Guide to Virtual Experiences for All Ages 1

Bai Yun the Giant Panda at San Diego Zoo/Image Credit: Mfield, Matthew Field, – Own work


Are you tired of the same scenery?

Brighten up your living room with the webcam live streams of beautiful national parks, including Yellowstone National Park! 


Make an afternoon magical! 

You may be feeling stuck in your home, but the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room based on J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series will allow you to escape reality for a while! 


Connect to art from home!

Many museums are opening their doors virtually and letting visitors come to their websites to take a look at wonderful artifacts. 

Take a virtual trip to Paris and tour The Louvre through your computer!


TWIW's Quarantine Guide to Virtual Experiences for All Ages 2

 Louvre Courtyard, Looking West – Image Credit: Benh LIEU SONG (Flickr)


Transport yourself out of this world!

Download the Space Center Houston App for Audio Tours, Space Station selfie filters, and interactive augmented reality experiences, including exploring the moon! 


Learn a new skill in your spare time!

Fender Play, among other companies, is offering three months of free guitar lessons.

Tune your guitars and start practicing! 


You can feel cultured without leaving your couch! 

Many landmarks around the world are letting you take a virtual tour of the grounds. 

Travel to Australia and visit the Sydney Opera House.


TWIW's Quarantine Guide to Virtual Experiences for All Ages 3

Sydney Opera House – Image Credit: Solvarsity – Camera


Celebrities are still performing for the public! 

Singers, comedians, and television personalities are sharing their talents from their homes and this includes Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye. 

Follow Antoni Porowski on social media for free cooking classes


Find some time to exercise!

Many organizations are releasing free virtual work out classes for the public. 

Find Core Power on YouTube to join in on their posted classes! 


Visit Bran Castle! 

Learn the inspiration for famous books and movies by virtually walking through historic buildings like Bran Castle. 

Bran Castle was the site that inspired Bran Stoker to write his horror classic, Dracula.


Lead image courtesy: Entrance to the San Diego zoo with sculpture “Rex’s Roar” after the lion that inspired the zoo/By Jim1138 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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