Report: Worcester Cracks Top-20 In “Best Cities To Retire”

by | Sep 25, 2019 | News, Headlines, Health

While Worcester didn’t rank in the Top 10, our fair city did land among the best 20 places to retire in the United States, according to a new report that was published this week. Four Massachusetts cities ranked in the best places to live upon retirement in the country, with Worcester coming in at number 18, just ahead of Framingham. 

“The results were surprising,” said, which released the report. “Of the top ten, four are located in Massachusetts and two are Rhode Island cities, meaning that New England region cities account for 60 percent.” used variables such as crime levels, cost of living and quality of life to determine its 2019 rankings. 

“Although freedom increases with retirement, income tends to do the opposite,” said the release. “This report aims to address something that most retirees take into consideration: finding the perfect location to maximize happiness and funds. Retirement is all about planning: how and where does one want to spend their golden years?”

Using statistics culled from the FBI crime databases, U.S. Census, the American Association of Medical Colleges, determined that New Bedford, MA, was the best place to retire in the country. 

The top 20 cities are:

  1. New Bedford, Massachusetts
  2. Quincy, Massachusetts
  3. Warwick, Rhode Island
  4. New York, New York
  5. Fall River, Massachusetts
  6. Troy, Michigan
  7. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  8. Livonia, Michigan
  9. Cranston, Rhode Island
  10. Largo, Florida
  11. Boston, Massachusetts 
  12. Bloomington, Minnesota
  13. Yonkers, New York
  14. Lowell, Massachusetts 
  15. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
  16. Loveland, Colorado
  17. Southfield, Michigan 
  18. Worcester, Massachusetts
  19. Framingham, Massachusetts
  20. Surprise, Arizona said it used cities with populations of 10,000 or more and considered a total of 435 cities for its survey.

“Deciding on a place to live during retirement is another important decision,” said the release. “According to the U.S. census, just 3.1 percent of those 65 or older are living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, meaning that the overwhelming majority are living on their own terms in a place of their choosing.”

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