This Week's Roadwork in Worcester - Week of Sept. 12, 2022

 by TWIW StaffSeptember 12, 2022

  • Acton Street (Rice Ln. to Vale St.) Water Work
  • Alamo Street Water Work
  • Berkeley Street (Eastern Ave. to Shamrock St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Bridgeport Street Water Work
  • Cargill Avenue Water Work
  • Delmont Avenue (Clarendon St. to Harmon St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Gardner Street (Canterbury St. to Southgate St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Green Island Boulevard (Hermon St. to Madison St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Lamartine Street (Hermon St. to Quinsigamond Ave.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Lamartine Street (Hermon St. to Washington St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Newton Avenue North (Amherst St. to Salisbury St.) Water Work
  • Quincy Street (Chatham St. to Austin St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Roath Street (Warner Ave. east to #6 Roath St.) Water Work
  • Rodby Street Water Work
  • Salford Street Water Work
  • Shrewsbury Street (Hill St. to Mulberry St.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • Taunton Street (Dillon St. to end) Water Work
  • Travis Street Water Work

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