This Week’s Roadwork in Worcester – Week of December 2, 2019

This Week’s Roadwork in Worcester – Week of December 2, 2019


  • Ames Street (Stockton St. to Providence St.) – Water Work
  • Barnes Avenue – Sewer Reconstruction
  • Blaine Avenue (Main St. to Stafford St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Carver Street – Sewer Reconstruction
  • Douglas Street (Cambridge St. to Grand St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Esther Street – Water Work
  • Flagg Street (Audubon Rd. to Rittenhouse Rd.) Roadway Resurfacing
  • George Street (Main St. to Harvard St.) – Roadway Resurfacing 
  • Grove Street (Lancaster St. to North St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Harding Street (Kelley Sq. to Arwick Ave.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Madison Street (Green St. to Gold St.) – Water Work
  • Main Street (Austin St. to School St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Main Street (Mill St. to Marble St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Mars Street – Water Work
  • Orient Street (Grafton St. to Division St.) – Sewer Reconstruction
  • Pleasant Street (Main St. to Park Ave.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Plymouth Street (Green St. to Summit St.) – Sewer Reconstruction 
  • Shore Drive – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Southbridge Street (Madison St. to Quinisgamond Ave.) -Roadway Resurfacing
  • Summer Street (Washington Sq. to Goldsberry St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Trumbull Street (Front St to Franklin St.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Vernon Street (Gloucester Rd. to Upsala St.) Roadway Resurfacing 
  • Washington Street (Harding St. to Lamartine St.) – Road Resurfacing
  • Washington Street (Lamartine St. to Ash St.) – Sewer Reconstruction
  • Washington Street (Lamartine St. to Ash St.) – Water Work
  • Whipple Street (Steele St. to Blackstone River Rd.) – Roadway Resurfacing
  • Whitla Drive (Lake Ave to SUnderland Rd.) – Sewer Reconstruction
  • Winthrop Street (Vernon St. to Granite St.) – Roadway Resurfacing

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