There’s a little hidden gem over on Park Ave. camouflaged in plain sight. I never gave this place any thought until a good friend mentioned he had stopped there and grabbed some lunch and raved about how good the sandwich was.

The Sandwich Hut: Handcut Fries and the Perfect Roll Make for an Excellent Lunch 1

The Sandwich Hut is one of those places you’ve driven by thousands of times, but didn’t realize was ever open, and by their looks you probably couldn’t imagine it offered up anything worth the time it takes to pull in and out of a busy intersection on Park Ave.

Lucky for you, I’m here so you don’t have to. This place is definitely worth the frustration of pulling onto Park Ave. This place is so good, it’s worth doing laps around Kelley square during rush hour!

I got there around noon, and before even getting out of my truck I knew that this place was going to be delicious. There was a police cruiser sitting in the spot next to me, and everyone knows that if the WPD eats there than the food has to be good! The parking lot was pretty busy and there were already a few people waiting for their orders, and some people were sitting down at the picnic tables enjoying their lunch.

Even though it reads like your normal sub shop, the menu at the Sandwich Hut is pretty big and is actually quite impressive. After studying the menu and going back in forth in my head I decided to order the Steak Bomb with a side of parmesan garlic fries. You can get their steak bomb with either shaved ribeye steak or steak tips. I went with the ribeye.

It took about fifteen minutes to get my order, pay and grab a seat at one of the open picnic tables. I was very impressed by the presentation of my sandwich, and my mouth was practically watering at the smell of those Parmesan garlic hand cut french fries.

The steak was unbelievable — cut great, with very limited fat, and no gristle. It came sauteed with portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, red peppers and topped with fontina cheese served on a soft ciabatta roll.

The Sandwich Hut: Handcut Fries and the Perfect Roll Make for an Excellent Lunch 2

As with any steak and cheese I braced myself for that first bite when inevitably half the sandwich falls apart and a stream of grease pours out. It never came. This was one of the cleanest “messy” sandwiches I’ve ever ate.

Straight from the horse’s mouth — those Parmesan garlic hand cut fries are AMAZING! Covered in Parmesan and just the right amount of garlic flavor. I’d go back just for an order of those!

The Bottom Line:


The specialty sandwiches range from a homemade Cuban, to a braised pork Banh Mi, Steak bombs, Gyros, and sandwiches like a Greek style burrito. They offer burgers and salads and a few other sandwich options. There roast beef is marinated in rosemary and garlic and slow roasted to a perfect pink center. They have a three cheese grilled cheese with options like like fontina and fresh mozzarella. Small things like this really go a long way in distinguishing your restaurant. Being creative and paying attention to detail is a chef’s number one priority if he wants to set his food apart and stand out.


Definitely order ahead if you’re in a rush. This is pretty much restaurant style quality — not a neighborhood pizza place. You can also order online, and they even offer a 10% discount on online pickup orders.


The only problem with this place is its location. Situated on the corner of Pleasant and Park Ave.. it’s kind of a hassle depending on which direction you’re going. My other gripe about this place is if you’re not going to eat it right there, or in the front seat of your Toyota Camry, I can guarantee that by the time you get back to the office you’re going to have a soggy bun and some limp french fries. Good news — out of all the buns they could have chosen most sandwiches come on a ciabatta roll. Ciabatta holds up well in terms of a steam bath during transportation in a To-Go box. Hand cut fries? Not so much.

The Sandwich Hut: Handcut Fries and the Perfect Roll Make for an Excellent Lunch 3


The prices are great. This spot is a real bargain. Restaurant style quality without the gratuity and hassle of sitting down for lunch — just awesome.  Something that I personally admire about this place is: You can add a side of hand cut fries or housemade potato chips to any sandwich for 2$ and all their drinks are a dollar! That’s a steal!


Besides the location factor, I think the other thing that’s been hindering business is that most patrons don’t know what’s occupying the small hut “this month”. Although it’s been there for over a year now, it seems like this location has gone through a few different businesses over the past few years. There was a chicken wing place there for a hot minute, a different sub shop, a hot dog and sausage grab and go, and who knows what else. I sincerely hope that this place lasts a lot longer than all those other “fly by nights,” especially since it’s been open for over a year and I just discovered how good it was this week!

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