Seamless and Savvy: Falling in Love with Fab, Fit, Fun

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I’d consider myself fab and fun, but fit is definitely a stretch. A weekly spin class seems to be my only real intense workout and besides that a light jog seems to do the “trick”. But, if you think about it… What more could you want as a personal goal?

Seamless and Savvy: Falling in Love with Fab, Fit, Fun 1

I think I would gladly take all three if I had to choose. So, what can combine all three of these qualities into something? Well, a quarterly subscription box! Fab, Fit, Fun boxes combine all three things into one small package.

For a little background information before I spill all the “deets” on of the coolest boxes you can receive in the mail, let me explain a little bit more.

There are three steps in this box as they say… 1. You Want It: every season a handpicked box by the Fab Fit Fun team that will coincide with the particular season and what it will offer you. 2. You Get It: receive the box at your front door, depending on if you are an annual customer, or seasonal, which you choose when you’d receive. Lastly: 3. You Love It: your box including glamour, fitness and fashion.

So, if you like surprises and want to look forward to something fun in the mail, I think the Fab, Fit, Fun Box is a perfect season treat for yourself. We are all hardworking, young individuals where $50 quarterly or $179.99 annually won’t break the bank for the cutest little [big] arrival in the mail.

Recently, one of my besties Emily — hey girl! — told me about her Fab Fit Fun box she was getting and she was incredibly excited. Before the box came, she got to request a few more items and pay an additional amount of money for more in her box.

I just had to see what all of this fuss was about – and if I am being honest – I am already impatient for my next FFF Box to come, and I think I may be more ecstatic than Emily!!

Opening this box was like a dramatic effect… I was SO excited about everything. It was like I never have even had the opportunity to purchase these items, and now *poof* at my fingertips ready to be owned and loved.

Seamless and Savvy: Falling in Love with Fab, Fit, Fun 2

So, without further-a-do… Lets see what I got!

  1. Private Party: Gym Bag- A cutie pie gym bag that says “Will Workout For Cupcakes”. Yes, that was requested over “Gym and Juice”. I am in fact more of a cupcake girl- chocolate with vanilla frosting if you’re looking to treat me to something nice. But first maybe I should gym first. How cute to put your gym sneaks in here to bring along with you for your workout?! It is a denim bag with cream straps. I’d say one of my fav finds in the box.
  2. Molr Dental Club: Organic Carbon & Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush- Okay, yes- definitely seems interesting but having white, squeaky clean teeth intrigues me. This is made with charcoal, which is an active trending product right now in the market. I am all about the white and clean teeth club and if this will help me get in… Sign me up! … Another option I could have chosen was an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, but this was a little intimidating knowing how much attention I have to pay to my blonde hairs and brown roots… Ugh did I just admit that?
  3. Whish Beauty: Mud Mask- A full size mask that comes is in a pump bottle. The ingredients include bentonite clay which is actually formulated in weathered volcanic ash! I am a sucker for face masks… There is nothing better than pulling out the impurities on your face, am I right?
  4. Mer-Sea & Co.: Scarf- cozy, comfy, and versatile! This scarf was wrapped up perfectly, and once I unraveled it, it was massive! Perfect for traveling, a cooler day…. To drape off your neck, or loop around, or even off the shoulder, you pick how you wear it and own it.
  5. The Jetset Diaries: Cable Knit Beanie- Here, I could have chosen a belt, or ask for a “surprise”, which the FFF Team picks for you. In hindsight, maybe the belt would have been the better option thinking ahead with my chunky tunic sweaters and leggings… It would add nice detail. BUT not to say I won’t have a bad hair day on a weekend day where the beanie is a must have. (Sunday and Saturday days off= my hair will NOT be done until at least 5pm… So, I received this color in black and the cable stitch includes the detail all around. Simple, but gets to the point.
  6. Deco Miami: Lavender Cuticle Oil- smells and looks nice!! Love lavender and the color purple, although, one thing I do for myself is get my nails done. So this is not as big of a win for me as it would be the other products. My sister loves cuticle oil, and my nail beds are so dry so maybe FFF is just trying to tell me something!
  7. Mytagalongs: Hot & Cold Gel Pack- the perfect ice or hot pack with simply the cutest sayings! Mine came with a cute saying too. These are perfect for after workouts, long days in pumps at the office, or after Monday morning’s slipping, and falling down your own stairs in new shoes… Ugh- if you’re wondering, I had a speedy recovery!!
  8. Trestique: Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon- personally love a good lip balm.. Always up for trying a new one out, but I am currently into a new lip brand (stay tuned!!!!). So, this would probably be a product I give my mom to try, or just keep in my work bag for a quick touch up if need be.
  9. Imm Living: Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder- I currently use a wine bottle that holds my top favorite bracelets, and this is the perfect table piece to showcase my favorite earrings. The rose gold is a nice splash of newness into my jewelry tray, and ties together the whole box perfectly.

Seamless and Savvy: Falling in Love with Fab, Fit, Fun 3

Not so bad for $49.99, right? Everything retailed and added up to over $200. Fab Fit Fun sends along a newsletter with everything in the box, how much it is actually worth, and some tips, and ways to use and wear. All in all, I am impressed with the box and found it fresh and innovative.

With much consideration and thought, I compared Fab Fit Fun to my other subscriptions. Ipsy and Birchbox, and as much as I love all of my samples of moisturizer and mascara sitting under my bathroom cabinets…I feel as though the full size mix of fashion, glam, and fitness will give me exactly what I want.

Fab Fit Fun makes you wait, and you know what they always say… Something good is worth the wait! So, Seamless & Savvy is all for the Fab Fit Fun box and can’t wait to get the next one for winter, you should too!

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Stay Fab, Stay Fit, Stay Fun, but most of all Stay Savvy!

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