Scammers Claiming to be from Department of Justice

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Crime, Headlines, News

The U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling’s office is warning Massachusetts residents of individuals claiming to represent the Department of Justice [DOJ] are calling members of the public as part of an impostor scam.

Based on reports, the scammers are primarily targeting the elderly.

Reports indicate these scammers misrepresent themselves as investigators or employees with the DOJ and attempt to get the call recipient to disclose personal information.

The scammers are also repeatedly leaving voicemails with a return phone number. The return phone number directs users to a recorded menu that matches the menu for the DOJ main phone number.

Eventually, the resident reaches an individual who claims to be an investigator.

Anyone receiving these calls are encouraged not to provide personal information.

Lelling’s office also encourages call recipients to report these scams to the FTC. Reporting can be done on the FTC website or by calling 877–FTC–HELP (877-382-4357).

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