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Clearly, Seamless & Savvy hasn’t done anything new, because I’m still obsessing over D.C.!

Although, with a last minute wisdom teeth extraction, theres a valid excuse I haven’t done much. If you’re wondering, i’m doing GREAT! Quick recovery and back to work, luckily! So, one last post on my recent trip down to visit my sister and her boyfriend in D.C. With a brisk 10 mile through the city in just one afternoon, you can say we fit a lot in, so yes there is so much to talk about!

Seamless & Savvy is incredibly proud to be an American and being in the center of it all at the nation’s capital was both intriguing and breathtaking… well, obviously. Although museums can be a bit boring for me as I am “hands on” and an interactive learner, luckily there were many Smithsonian museums that offered that, well, at least one exhibit. *Kidding!* After a tour of the National Mall, we walked over to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. With the free admission and three massive floors, it was so neat to see American inventions and the history behind it all.

One major disappointment was this museum is home to the original Dorothy slippers from the Wizard of Oz,  but they were not on display as they need to be stored away for some time to preserve them. Bummer. BUT to make up for it, on the top floor in the corner of the museum was The First Lady Exhibit! Now, I don’t know about you, but I believe in the saying everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so this is not a political post. However… talking about the first lady’s inauguration gowns is a different story! So, without any biased opinions or strong political views, I walked through the exhibit picking out my favorite gowns. I was a day late and a dollar short, well actually about 2 weeks late, but I missed Melania Trump’s dress, it was just put in last week. I could have spent hours admiring the detail and designs on these gowns. So, here is what Seamless & Savvy took away:

In 1912, the first lady exhibit became established and first lady Helen Taft was the first one in after the inauguration in 1909 to donate her gown to start the exhibit.  Not every first lady gave their gown, and some like Martha Washington are just seen through paintings. The Inaugural Ball, is a time for an optimistic beginning and presidents announce their agendas and projects they plan to take on. It is the first big event the political party gets to throw, the elitist of the elite attend and cheers to the next four years in office. Now, if you think like me, this means everyone will be wearing the cream of the crop outfits, gowns, and tuxedos, count me in!

For over 200 years, these unofficial, yet important ladies are looked up to for their roles, parties, clothing, and projects. After all this time, each first lady has made their unique role through their own personal interests and society. There is an expectation of the first lady to represent themselves and their husband simultaneously while holding their role as the hostess of the White House. Only a few first ladies have become a fashion icon, or promote the American made and American designers.

Seamless & Savvy: Fashionable First Lady 1

There was a line formed from the beginning to the end following the gowns throughout the exhibit. The transformation of the gowns from the start to the present was amazing. Although, amazing to see the trends from time to time and how they are incorporated years later. From 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt’s navy gown with beads and gems to the real fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy, with the pearl necklace and a yellow silk one shoulder dress with chiffon overlay in 1963, Barbara Bush in 1989 in navy and black empire waist with a full navy skirt, and Laura Bush in 2001 in a stunning red beaded floor length gown… But even after seeing all of them, I found myself drooling over two dresses. Both neutral colors with major detail, and both ladies in fact played a major role in the american society holding their own in the white house beyond just hosting. I love a woman who can dress well and stand up for something so passionately. There is just something about feeling more confident in a super fab outfit. I know which dress I would choose to wear, but I am in a complete tie for my favorite. So, make sure to help Seamless & Savvy break the tie on the top two inauguration dresses!


Nancy Davis Reagan: 1981

A one shoulder white lace satin sheath gown with all over beaded texture. Designed by James Galanos, and paired with white gloves (Galanos), and beaded shoes by David Evins and purse by Judith Leiber. This petite first lady sure pulled this look off, and looked amazing in the color white! Such a chic dress. Nancy made her mark supporting the Just Say No anti-drug campaign for her special project as first lady and did many others while Ronald Reagan was in office.

Seamless & Savvy: Fashionable First Lady 2

Michelle Obama: 2009

A one shoulder white silk chiffon gown embellished with organza flower and swarovski crystals in the middle designed by Jason Wu. Jimmy Choo shoes and diamond jewelry by Loree Rodkin. This dress is stunning up close, and the picture does not do it justice. Michelle Obama wore this dress well and the detail that is attached to this is astonishing. Michelle worked to combat childhood obesity through Let’s Move!, encouraged both private and public support for service members, veterans and their families, through Joining Forces. Inspired students to continue for higher education, through Reach Higher and Let Girls Learn to educate young women in the US and around the world. She accomplished a lot in 8 years and looked amazing while doing it all.

Obviously there were great, beautiful gowns on display, and if I showed all of them, you wouldn’t even need to go. So, I highly suggest this to everyone who is interested in the first ladies. There are more than just dresses on display. You can see some of the China they helped pick out, memorabilia from their time, and just so much more. Seamless & Savvy is off to go dream about how to become the next first lady, but she thinks her sister may have a better chance.

Seamless & Savvy: Fashionable First Lady 3

Stay Savvy!

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