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If you have been following Seamless & Savvy on Instagram, you would know about all the mini trips I’ve taken this month. Columbus Day weekend, Seamless & Savvy went to go visit her biggest fan (AKA her sister) Maura and her boyfriend, Jake at their new home together in Alexandria, Virginia right outside Washington D.C. These two love birds actually happened to meet in the one-of-a-kind city Worcester at Assumption College. Maura moved in August, following where her boyfriend’s job took him, to the Washington D.C. area. She has quickly learned that there is so much to explore, see, and do in this world, and now, so have I. (I can’t wait to get back there! More posts on this to come.)

Obviously Massachusetts has a lot of history, and so much to offer, but discovering D.C. was incredible to say the very least. Being refreshed with historical knowledge of our country past and present was simply enlightening. Roaming around “The South” really had Seamless & Savvy inspired, but most of all thinking. There will be more covered about the trip, a specific fashion category found in the American History Museum soon. EEK so excited to share!! But anyways, walking around where Maura lives in Old Town Alexandria, a section of the city that is just so quaint. The brick and cobblestone grounds were filled with the kindest (and slowest) people. This part of the city reminds me of Boston’s Beacon Hill area, but picture a whole city looking like that. There were so many places to shop, drink, and eat. What more did we need?

As we were walking on King St., the main downtown area in the city, my sister, a Lilly enthusiast, pointed out to my left was a Lilly Pulitzer store. The storefront really stood out to me because how did I not know that Lilly had a new print? A new print that is definitely the most trendiest one I’ve seen yet? An avocado print- are you KIDDING? Everyone knows that people are currently obsessed with everything mexican food, tacos, margaritas and especially guacamole. With the bright colors and signage, I was totally drawn into the store without a doubt. News flash: we would have been in there regardless, let’s be real. So, I would say… Kudos to Lilly for successfully being the first one to add avocados into a fashion line and nail it. A fan favorite snack and brand all in one? Sign me up RIGHT now!

Seamless & Savvy: Guac Out! 1

It wasn’t until I researched a bit into the new print to realize a few things. One, this is the first print in a while that Lilly added in a men’s collection. Two, make sure to catch this pop-up print now as this is limited edition and will only last for so long! Three, the line is called “Guac Out”, and the print is called “Guac and Roll”… How cute?!?! Finally, four: this came out on October 5th, so I was only a few days late to the Lilly party.

In the Guac Out collection, you can find men’s shorts, a tie and pocket square, which I would actually gladly buy for my *future* boyfriend. LOL JK let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are also young boys shorts and a bow tie in the print. For ladies there is a classic shift dress, and for the little girls there are leggings and a dress as well. Avocado printed leggings on a sweet little girl? I’m already melting.

The various shades of hot pink and green look marvelous together. But this may have you thinking… why didn’t this come out in the summer? Well, maybe Lilly is telling us all that we need a vacation. Although Lilly Pulitzer is driven for summer/ vacation wear with the bright colors that make up all of her prints, I feel as though with the right sweater, jacket, or even shoes, you could morphe these summer colors into the warm fall days. For example, Seamless & Savvy wore the Lilly workout leggings for the first time walking D.C. and lovedddd the fit and colors it gave off.

Seamless & Savvy: Guac Out! 2

The weekend before that, Seamless was wearing a Lilly pop-over sweatshirt on the ferry home from The Hamptons. Making bright colors work in the fall and winter seem to be a bit more of a conversation for another post, but for now if you can make it work… make it work! Lilly is a preppy, bright, and fun style made for only some of the fashion population, and that is okay! And for many people, she is just a spring/ summer style. So, if you are indeed a Lilly lover, i’m sure you’d rock it all regardless of the season.

I hope after reading this you are planning your newest Lilly outfit with a new tab open surfing with a margarita in hand and chips and guac on the side. Or if you’re Maura, lucky enough to live down the street from a Lilly store, go check it out. Log onto Lilly with me and lets guac and roll! Show Seamless & Savvy on instagram @seamless_savvy your Lilly!

Stay Savvy!

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