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Seamless & Savvy is the first one to admit that there seems to be such an attachment to brands and labels on all of the aspects of tangible and intangible things in life. Honestly, simply a personal preference but not ALL things have to be, it just comes with a few important details. A good brand is known, commented on, and trusted. This is spread through word of mouth and social media. So, with little knowledge on the product, Seamless & Savvy was introduced to LipSense by SeneGence by a forever friend that just so happens to distribute the product. A big southern touch on lip gloss making its way right into Seamless & Savvys makeup cabinet… and Worcester of course!


If I were to ask anyone about lipgloss is would be my mom, she always has her lips poppin’. Seriously though, she is not complete without a coat of gloss. As for me… Not so much. There is one answer to this issue, and it is the fact that the wet and sticky lips seem to always make a mess. Weather it be on my glass I am drinking from, or the wind blowing my hair right into my sticky lips smothering it all onto my face and hands as I clear the hair from my lips. See, it is simply a catastrophe! BUT, this is how I feel about 99% of lipglosses… EXCEPT LipSense. Literally a whole new world. I was in such disbelief until I tried the product myself!

Doing a little research on the product made me realize I was not the only one thinking this. It does not kiss off, rub off, smear off, or budge off… waterproof. I’ve seen videos of people kissing babies and dogs and drinking hot and cold starbucks (hey Lex & Kins!!) Other things to know about LipSense is that it is lead and wax free, gluten and GMO free, cruelty free… and made in the USA! LipSense has c-grade alcohol in it which has two benefits: it prevents bacteria build up in the product tubes, and exfoliates your lips. It is always satisfying to know what we are actually putting on our face, right?

Something a little intimidating that I must admit about LipSense is that this lip gloss is pure liquid. I thought I would have a hard time- afraid of a shaky hand and making sure I got all edges of my lips perfectly. I guess patience and diligence is something to help this. Although, If I can manage it just fine, I think it would be alright for everyone else… LOL. Keep reading for a more descriptive application process.

How to Apply:


  • Clean your lips.


Make sure there is no excess makeup on your lips with a warm cloth.


  • Apply 3 coats of LipSense color.


Shake, shake, shake! Apply thinly and dont let your lips touch. Let each coat dry for 10 seconds. Move application in one long swipe across your lips.


  • Apply LipSense gloss.


Cover all over lips, and apply throughout the day as needed.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Slight tingling may occur when applying, but this is due to dry lips.
  2. Apply gloss throughout the day.
  3. Dont leave LipSense in your car!
  4. Use the gloss as a chapstick if your lips are feeling dry.
  5. 3 color layers to 1 gloss layer when applying.

LipSense stays on anywhere from 4-18 hours… YES. Incredible… The first day I wore, I brushed my teeth, went to the mall and had a coffee, a few waters, lunch, and an all day chatting experience. I neglected to use my gloss to freshen up, and by hour 6, I would say I saw the fade on the closer side to my mouth on my lips. Not too bad at all, right? If I am comparing these to any other lip products this sure does win by a long shot for lasting color.

LipSense is a patented super-adhesive lip color formula, a multi-layered lip color process, with sealing top coats which are the glosses. In the starter kit you receive a lip color, lip gloss, and remover for $55. Or, individually, lip color for $25, lip gloss for $20 and remover for $10.

Seamless and Savvy: Talking Some LipSense 2

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With 39 different colors in a shimmer, matte or frost finish and 11 gloss options, you’ll be sure to find the color and look you’re going for, and if not mix a few together!

LipSense is undoubtedly the most underrated lip gloss out there, and I highly suggest spending the extra money on it. Think about it, if you do the math, you’d be spending all the money on new little cheap ones to just forget about. Make lipsense a routine mixing and matching as well as finding your everyday shade that you can freshen up once after lunch if need be. Seamless & Savvy approves, and is picking out future gifts and filling up a stocking wish list already, and you should TOO!



If you are looking to hear more about LipSense please see below and you can connect with the cutest distributor ever!! She is always updating her pages with ideas, new colors, deals, and much more. The Google Doc is the most simple way to order online ever, too!

Lexi Bagwell:

Instagram: lovemylipswlex

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Facebook: Love My Lips With Lex

Gmail: [email protected]

Google Doc:

Hope you enjoy LipSense as much as I do!

Stay Savvy!

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