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Besides the obvious fact that millennials make up the largest majority of the workforce, they happen to do a lot more, too. The drive for education, talent and fulfilling a life of meaning seems to sum up the goals majority of motivated young adults born between 1982-2004 have. Although there seems to be a stigma accusing millennials of too much screen time through technology, social media and cell phones, it just so happens that this is how the world is today. These smartphones are only getting smarter. So, what more can we do than catch on and embrace it, right?

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Being a millennial, I am someone who is extremely invested and involved in the highly saturated popular social media platforms *follow me: seamless_savvy on instagram*. Am I up to date on the latest trends? Did I get to watch live videos of New York Fashion Week from the comfort of my own home? Did I see the most delicious looking avocado toast tutorial and then proceed to make my own just as perfectly? The answer is yes to all three, and I am incredibly content with that answer. Social media allows us to be aware and take in so much more information and knowledge than ever before. Does it take over my life? Well, if I’m being honest, I’d actually prefer not to answer that, because sometimes I do have to remind myself to take in what is going on around me, and live in the moment.

However, as much I am a fan of social media, I do see the other side, and it can get the best of us. The point where it can make or break our day taking something in the wrong or right way depending on the context and how you personally analyze it. But, that’s all besides the point- the real message here is being a millennial and using social media. If you are in fact a millennial and don’t use social media… maybe you should. Let’s take a look at something that was founded through the use of social media, and is only sticking around on an ongoing trend because of it.

Millennial Pink: an aesthetically pleasing color founded through social media platforms with the prediction of the color excelling making it the biggest color craze ever. It all started with the color Rose Quartz 13-1520, one of the two Pantone colors of the year for 2016. Side note: photo is from 2016 MAGIC Las Vegas Fashion Trade Show, where Pantone educated the fashion and interior design industry.

If you read my last post, you were informed that blush pink would be trending this fall. Pantone plays a major role in lifestyle and fashion colors, AKA they rule the color world, and even Pantone agrees, that yes millennial pink is actually a “thing”. As pink derives from the color red, this color holds the characteristics of uniqueness while it is easily paired with bold or neutral colors.

Seamless and Savvy: That's So Millennial 2

The best part about this color is that it doesn’t commit. It is not just one hue, it is simply a “soft pink” that your own eyes decide and decipher on. That lack of commitment doesn’t define millennial pink, it gives it a burst of opportunity to be unique… As for millennial pink having no commitment? This must be a millennial shade! Only kidding.

So how did millennial pink get its name? Well the millennial ladies (and gents) soaked this color up in all forms of social media through fashion, interiors, and lifestyle and charmed the whole millennial cohort. For instance, you can find millennial pink in so many places, not just at your fingertips on social media. The Starbucks pink drink, Katy Perry’s pink hair, a pretty sunset, a glass of rosé, a rose gold iphone, or even a salt rock lamp!

Whether you’re socially on instagram or on it for inspiration, you’ve seen the color on your feeds. Think about it: blush/ muted pink? It’s everywhere, from your strawberry smoothie, to your makeup palette, or on your nails, it’s been in your life- but right now is the time to embrace it (only if you prefer to be fun and trendy of course). It is a cultural evolution. The second hashtag on instagram when you type in #millennial with 17,739 public posts. Currently looking around to how many MP (millennial pink) items I can find. To be honest, SO many… Am I trendy? Basic? I think both. But, my pajama pants happen to be millennial pink with champagne bottles printed on them, how cute? T.J Maxx find about a year ago if you’re still curious.

Here’s a thought: is the great deal of marketing making millennial pink a thing? Or is it just the perfect color fitting for all of our home decors, fashion go-tos or instagram feeds?

I hope millennial pink is now all over your life and brings as much happiness and calming vibes into your life as it does mine. Share your favorite millennial pink instagram or object with me @seamless_savvy on instagram, [email protected] or

Stay Savvy, millennials!

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