Sean Rose: The Experience, Passion and Commitment You Are Seeking

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As I have canvassed neighborhoods and knocked on doors, I have heard from residents what they want and expect from the person representing them in council.   They want someone who has experience advocating for the needs of others, who has fiscal savvy, who is going to prioritize schools and education, and who will be there for them when they call with a concern. I am that person.

Sean Rose: The Experience, Passion and Commitment You Are Seeking 1

Sean Rose/Photo: Matt Wright

Over the past twenty-two years, my professional career has focused on improving the quality of life of others.  This work has taken me all over the country, and as far as Africa. I have extensive experience in the public sector, private sector and a municipality, and currently own a small business in the city supporting those impacted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These varied professional experiences have well prepared me to serve a city as diverse as Worcester.

I am the Executive Director of a non-profit human services agency, responsible for our Northeast CT programs and services. As a member of our Governing Body, I oversee a 163.7 million dollar budget, 3,300 staff and over one hundred programs in three states. Progress sought by City Council comes with a fiscal cost, and my experience overseeing considerably sizeable budgets gives me unique knowledge in fiscal management. I often have to work with federal, state and local funds in a manner similar to how the city manages its financial resources.

In addition to fiscal oversight, I effectively support employees. I advocate legislatively to have increased wages, better healthcare and more resources for their education. We service vulnerable populations, including traumatized children, seniors with complex medical needs and those who struggle with mental illness and addiction.  I am an Adjunct Faculty to the Trauma Center in Boston, a board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, The Children’s League and the National Association of Children’ Behavioral Health.  I am no stranger to fighting on behalf of those who need a voice. I will bring this passion for service to the residents of District 1.

I believe the research that tells us schools are the single most important element in sustaining a city’s growth. I have a Master’s in Education and am a certified Massachusetts school principal. My wife is a special education teacher in the city and we have five children in our Worcester public schools. We know the importance of education, not only to children, but also the major role it plays in the city’s future. We need better school infrastructure, and to provide teachers with more resources to access and strengthen their curriculum.  Over 50% of Worcester Public School students are considered economically disadvantaged which leaves us vulnerable. Prioritizing funding for our schools and affordable after school programs should be the master plan and I intend to fight to have this on the forefront of our fiscal agenda.

District 1 voters, when you hit the polls on November 7th, vote for Sean Rose, the candidate with a proven record to meet the needs of our district.

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