SEE THE LIST: All 19 Flavors of Polar Seltzers Have Been Ranked

SEE THE LIST: All 19 Flavors of Polar Seltzers Have Been Ranked

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WORCESTER – The food, drink, travel and entertainment website, has done everyone a favor and ranked every flavor of Polar Seltzer.

The Thrillist writers tried the 19 flavors that are listed on the menu bar of the Polar Seltzer website. They left out flavors from the Seltzer’ades, Frost and the “Dry” options, plus all seasonal options. 

In a nutshell, these are the 19 flavors you can likely find at your local grocery store year-round. 

Here’s what Thrillist had to say about Polar Beverages: “The company’s no spring chicken, considering it’s been quenching thirsts in and around its Massachusetts HQ for more than 135 years. But it’s the beverage with the most aggressive hold on LaCroix’s coattails. New Englanders have long loved the stuff, and the rest of America is slowly seeing the light on account of Polar aggressively shoving their product on the same shelves as LaCroix at a marginally lower price point. Whether you’re a penny-pincher or a bubbly water diehard for whom the sparkle of LaCroix is beginning to fade, Polar offers a magical new world of wild and weird flavors that are just as divisive and delectable.”

Here’s the full ranking from – from #19 to #1 – of Polar Seltzer flavors

19. Toasted Coconut

18. Original

17. Vanilla

16. Ruby Red Grapefruit

15. Pineapple Pomelo

14.  Black Cherry

13.  Blueberry Lemonade

12.  Georgia Peach 

5. Cranberry Lime

4. Strawberry Watermelon

3. Raspberry Lime

2. Triple Berry

1. Pomegranate  –Here’s what said about Pomegranate: “Everyone is drinking seltzer water now, and Polar has brought the pomegranate-flavored glory days of 2007 into the future with a remarkable flavor that no other brand can touch. It’s a surge of bubbly joy, replete with a delightful sweetness that fades slowly into a mild tang with a very strange and subtle aftertaste of tongue-coating numbing spice.”

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