SEE THE LIST: Worcester's 'Out to Lunch' Music Festival Performers

 by Patrick SargentJune 3, 2019

WORCESTER -  The City's Out to Lunch Festival and Farmers' Market is just weeks away from kicking off their 10-year celebration.

The concert series launches again on Thursday, June 20 on the Worcester Common Oval and for nine weeks following will run each Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM [with the exception of July 4]. The series will end on August 29. 

SEE THE LIST BELOW: 2019's Out to Lunch Festival Performers

The Out to Lunch Festival will feature top local music acts performing for the lunchtime crowd on the Worcester Common. The series will also feature intermission acts from community organizations and local creative groups. 

June 20 - King Warble

King Warble is a Rock and Soul group presenting some of Worcester area's finest musicians. Featuring lead vocals from Mike Lynch and Keri Anderson, the band has been blowing audiences away whenever they perform. A mixture of soulful blues classics, hard driving funk blues and powerful original soul music, this band guarantees rhythmic tunes. In addition to two powerhouse singers, the band features Duncan Arsenault on drums, Jeff Burch on bass, Jody Ryan on keyboards and Marcus Washington on sax.

June 27  - Dale LePage & the Manhattans

This dynamic ensemble of talent features multi-award winning singer Dale LePage. Dale LePage and the Manhattans provide a fresh and highly creative approach to the Great American Songbook. By boldly infusing jazz and swing, this fun band showcases the best music of the Mad Men generation. A local icon, Dale LePage holds many awards including: 2 Time Male Jazz Vocalist Of The Year (New England Music Awards Nominee), 8 Time Entertainer of the Year Massachusetts Winner (Worcester Living Magazine), 7 Time Best Jazz of the Year (Pulse Music Awards Nominee), and more.

July 11 - The Alchemystics

Fueled by their passion to explore beyond the edges of traditional musical boundaries and with their diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds, the Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban, and Trinidadian rhythms into an utterly unique and distinctively original new sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal - an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; elementally raw soul; irresistible hooks; deep, driving rhythms; and old-school vocal harmonies - fired by the Alchemystic's unique blend of intensity, passion and sheer artistic chemistry into a powerful, contemporary and unmistakable sound.

July 18 - Niki Luparelli

Niki Luparelli's unique Old Hollywood style ranges from jazz and cabaret to Bowie and Bond. Niki Luparelli presents a David Bowie repertoire that is out of this world. Inspired by the rock and new wave icon, the band brings fans a swanky twist on musical magic! Evoking the icons of the past, with a pinch of humor and a dash of delightful panache, Niki Luparelli offers audiences a dynamic experience.

July 25- Abraxas

Abraxas is the ultimate tribute to the music and spirit of Santana. Veteran guitarist, Ed Antonelli pays tribute to the sound and the feel of Carlos Santana. The band, inspired by renditions from over five decades of Santana hits, presents virtuoso instrumentals during their repertoire of invigorating and energetic tunes.

August 1 - Crocodile River Music

Crocodile River promotes African and African-influenced music including Brazilian, Caribbean and Flamenco by connecting their roster of distinguished performers with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Their goal is to share music that informs, connects and inspires. Crocodile River Music's enthusiastic energy and participatory dynamic make for a lively show.

August 8 - Whitney Doucet and the Moonshine Band

Serving up the best mix of top 40 country and pop music in Central MA, Whitney Doucet and the Moonshine Band combine country, blues and rock to create an unforgettable repertoire. The group tours around Central Massachusetts year-round and frequents Worcester mainstages often. Combining expert musical talent with robust vocals, Whitney Doucet and the Moonshine Band isn’t your everyday country band.

August 15 - Grupo Fantasia

Grupo Frantasia is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Angel Wagner. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Angel Wagner began his career playing with a cheese grater and fork! Angel Wagner provides traditional island entertainment for all people and much of the music is performed on original, handmade indigenous instruments. The extensive repertoire includes original and cover songs from the Caribbean and Latin America. Also represented are Cuban styles, Dominican Merengue, Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena, Colombian Cumbia, Mexican Mariachi, Calypso, Reggae and Salsa music.

August 22 - Worcester Jazz Collective

The Worcester Jazz Collective is an award winning group that explores jazz and its many forms. The WJC is built around the core of baritone guitarist Tom Lubelczyk, bassist Geoff Oehling and drummer Tom Sperars, with a range of guest musicians at each performance. The group's repertoire spans the genre of jazz from traditional to contemporary along with a mix of popular and classical music. The WJC was formed in 2014 and since its creation, it has been a showcase for the many wonderful musicians that make up the Worcester jazz scene.

August 29 - Drunken Uncles

The Drunken Uncles are two seasoned music professionals from the Central Massachusetts area that play acoustic pop, blues, folk and classic rock. Tom Hurley sings and plays rhythm guitar while Robin Steiger polishes it up with his masterful lead guitar and rich backing harmonies.


[Performers write-ups courtesy of City of Worcester and Worcester Cultural Coalition]

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