Shrewsbury Announces Holidays Community Policing Initiative

 by TWIW StaffNovember 18, 2021

SHREWSBURY - The Shrewsbury Police Department announced on Thursday, November 18, it is creating a community policing initiative for the holiday season.

“One of the areas that will be the Shrewsbury Police Departments main focus during the holidays will be the Lakeway Business District,” said the statement, citing the area as one of the busiest areas of town during the holidays.

The statement mentioned no other geographic areas of focus.

According to the Department, Community Policing is a pillar of 21st century policing and a model it follows in everyday operations.

The Department described one of the initiative’s core objectives “is to free up officers from having to respond to calls in cruisers, and provide them with the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions and conversations with the community.”

Officers will also be available for public safety and rapid response to emergencies or crimes in progress.

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