StArt on the Street a Show of Talent and Support

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WORCESTER – On Saturday, the streets of Park Ave and Elm Street were transformed into a massive gathering of arts, music and performance at the 15th annual stART on Street festival in Worcester.

stART on the Street has expanded to include over 300 Artists who come from across New England and beyond, and a festival held in both the fall and spring.

StArt on the Street a Show of Talent and Support 1

Artists display works ranging from ceramics and paintings, to hand-crafted soap and martial arts exhibitions. In Elm Park, musicians in a wide display of genres, such as Folk, Indie, and Hip-Hop performed.

“We take a lot of pride in our performers; they’re some of the best in the world,” said Gabe Rollins, one of the coordinators of the event. “We try to make to the music as diverse as possible.”

Though Park Ave was closed down for the display, it didn’t stop local businesses in the area from taking advantage of the event.

The comics and pop culture shop That’s Entertainment offered 20 percent off products under $200 to those attending the event, while neighboring Blue Jean’s Pizza offered an outdoor stand selling pizza to hungry passers-by.

Food trucks were placed throughout the event selling sausages, cotton candy and lemonade.  A food court was set up in the Auto Zone parking lot, while an alternative vegan food court was set up along Elm Street.

“The people who put this on do an awesome job of it,” said Dick Taylor of West Boylston, a visual artist who specializes in photography and digital imagery who has been coming to the event since 2007. “They bust their butt every year to make sure everyone has a good time.”

While Taylor sees his work as just a creative hobby, others, such as Ritza Elizabeth, a newcomer to the festival from Holden, who originally hails from Arizona, hopes to attract investors and boost her image.

“I’m trying to be like Walt Disney or Hello Kitty,” says Elizabeth, who designs several unique characters and brightly colored murals based on the landscape of the Southwestern U.S. “This festival is about joy and warmth, and supporting each other.”  

“There’s such a wide array of things to see, it’s impossible to see it all,” said Nikki Erskine of Shrewsbury, another coordinator for the event. “That is why we rely on the public to share with us.”

This winter, stART at the Station, will take place on December 3 at Union Station in Worcester frodm 11AM to 5PM. Information and inquiries about the event can be obtained by visiting their website,, or by emailing [email protected]

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