WORCESTER - The City of Worcester released unofficial election results during the night of Tuesday, September 15, following its municipal primary election in the districts 1 and 5.

In both districts, the two candidates with the most votes during preliminary elections on Tuesday will be on the ballot for municipal elections on Tuesday, November 2.

In district one, the preliminary totals reported were:

In district five, the preliminary totals reported are:

The preliminary report by the City shows of 47,950 eligible voters, 4,974 voted on Tuesday, a turnout of 10.37%

In September 2019, the last time Worcester held a municipal preliminary election, 8.7% of eligible voters participated.


The purpose of the preliminary election is to narrow the field down to two candidates each on the districts 1 and 5 ballots ahead of the municipal election on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Only registered voters in District 1 and District 5 are eligible to participate. District 1 includes voters in Ward 1 & 2 Precincts 1-5. District 5 includes voters in Ward 7 & 9 Precincts 1-5.

Here are the candidates for each district council race:

District 1 City Council

District 5 City Council

For a list of precinct polling locations, click here.

Map of Polling Locations:

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