Bethany Nicole Taylor Takes ‘Sex’, Sisterhood to the Stage in Worcester

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WORCESTER-  New York City’s best leading ladies — Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte —  took the stage on Sunday night at Worcester’s Hanover Theatre for an electric performance of Sex n’ the City: A “Super” Unauthorized Musical Parody.

The musical parody of the popular HBO series Sex and the City is a raw and relatable look into the minds of modern women, and the common struggles that are faced in the game of love.

The bubbly and excitable lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, played by New York City-based actress Bethany Nicole Taylor, narrates the experiences of her and her friends ever evolving — and vastly different — love and sex lives. 

Taylor, originally from Akron, OH, said her love for the original Sex and the City was a big part of her moving to New York City in 2011 to pursue her career as an actress. 

“I am a performer, naturally,” Taylor said. “I never needed to apologize for who I am and for having these dreams.”

Taylor claims to identify with Carrie through her “ quirky” personality, as well as her appearance. 

“I definitely feel like I was meant to play Carrie,“ Taylor said. “I relate to Carrie so much, and she is so fun and relatable to play. I’m curly, quirky, and fun. I’m not a put together person, and Carrie is not a put together person and I think our curls are a perfect embodiment of that.” 

The main takeaway Taylor wants all women particularly to gain from the musical parody  is to be “…vulnerable to love and open to the risk of having your heart broken, because those experiences will make you who you are.” 

More importantly, Taylor said, “…The bonds of sisterhood are sacred and to surround ourselves with strong females who we can talk to about things. Those people are the ones that will be there. We can’t just rely on men to be there for us.”


Bethany Nicole Taylor Takes ‘Sex', Sisterhood to the Stage in Worcester 1


Continuing to tour with the Sex n’ the City crew, Taylor plans to continue acting in a sketch comedy duo called “Catmagic” with her best friend and collaborator Zoe Farmindale of Los Angeles. 

Sex n’ the City was written by Valerie Witherspoon and developed by Entertainment Events, Inc. The New York City-based production company focuses on offering a variety of new works including plays, concerts, and musicals. 

Along with Taylor, the cast includes Lauren Ashlea Fraser as “Charlotte”, Caitlin Ary as “Samantha Jones,” Eric Angell as “Miranda” and Mark Gregory as “Mr. Big.”

The cast of Sex n’ the City: A “Super” Unauthorized Parody Musical will perform next on March 12 in Cleveland at the Hanna Theatre at Playhouse Square. 


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