ThisWeekinWorcester’s Municipal Election Candidate Profile Page

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Worcester’s municipal election is Tuesday, Nov. 7. ThisWeekinWorcester has reached out to each and every candidate for office and asked “Why should Worcester residents vote for you?”.

ThisWeekinWorcester's Municipal Election Candidate Profile Page 1

Each candidate will provide a roughly 500 word response imploring Worcester’s voters to vote for them. We believe that this will be a great opportunity for the candidates that choose to participate to speak to Worcester’s voters directly.

The responses will stand alone a single pieces of content and not a long list where people reading online can easily become distracted or disinterested.

TWIW will not be offering our readers candidate endorsements this election season, and we will not be endorsing candidates in the future. We aim to remain transparent and not pulled in one way or another by political alignment or opinion.
These are the profiles we have published to date, separated by elected office:
City Councilor At-Large
Konnie Lukes (Mayor)
District City Councilor
School Committee
For a full list of candidates, click here: 2017 Municipal Election Candidates
Not sure where to vote? Find out here.

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