WORCESTER – Three men will be arraigned today in Worcester County District Courthouse on charges involving dealing and possession of heroin and cocaine.

According to the Worcester Police Department [WPD], 73-year-old Manuel Rosario was arrested on Wednesday, July 18 for possession of cocaine and heroin with the intent to distribute.

Members of the WPD Vice Squad executed two search warrants — one at Rosario’s 1296 Main Street apartment and the other for his 2004 Dodge Ram pickup truck. While officers conducted surveillance of the apartment, they observed Rosario’s truck pull up. 48-year-old Joel Dube of 4 Doran Rd. in Worcester was seen exiting the truck and entered the apartment. Shortly after, Dube was seen leaving the apartment and get back into the truck and left.

Officers followed the truck while others remained at the apartment.  The truck was followed to CVS on Grafton St. 39-year-old Kevin Weller of 16 Felton St. in Hudson entered the truck. The truck was stopped and both men were removed from the truck. Officers observed four bags of heroin in plain view on the seat of the truck. A search of Weller produced one bag of heroin and another bag of crack cocaine. A search of Dube produced $198.00 in cash, a bag of heroin and two bags of crack cocaine. Both men were placed under arrest.

Shortly after, officers executed the warrant at Rosario’s apartment. A pit bull delayed the officers entering the apartment, and Rosario had time to run out the back door and jump over a neighbor’s fence to try and run away. However, Rosario was immediately apprehended in the neighbor’s yard and was escorted back inside of the apartment.

The search of the apartment produced 2 bags of crack cocaine, 2 bags of powdered cocaine, and a smaller bag of cocaine, a bag of heroin, $3,281 in cash, packaging materials, digital scales, a plastic container that had white powder in it, 77 Suboxone pills, 12 half pills of Suboxone, 41 blue 8mg Suboxone strips, cellphones, and a counter $100 bill.

Rosario was charged with Possession of Class A Substance with the Intent to Distribute and two counts of Possession of Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute.

Dube was charged with Possession of Class A Substance with the Intent to Distribute, Distribution of Class A Substance, Possession of Class B Substance with the Intent to Distribute and Distribution of Class B Substance.

Weller was charged with Possession of Class A Substance and Possession of Class B Substance.

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