Man Arrested at Southbridge Bar After Report of Firearm

 by Tom MarinoMarch 8, 2023
Last Updated March 8, 2023 3:49 PM

SOUTHBRIDGE - Police responded to a local bar on Sunday after receiving reports of a man with a firearm.

The man, Timothy Lloyd, 53, of Dayville, CT, had been drinking at the bar when he allegedly placed the firearm on the bar.

After arriving at the scene, officers learned the man was standing outside his vehicle in the parking lot. The officers approach and quickly determined the man was intoxicated.

During their investigation, officers located what appeared to be a black 9mm Beretta pistol. The officer later learned the item was not a firearm, but what they describe as a "simulator." that contained a removable magazine.

Lloyd denied he brought the item into the bar. Officers reviewed surveillance footage, which they say showed Lloyd had placed the item on the bar for a short time, as reports claimed.

Officers arrested Floyd on a disorderly conduct charge and placed him in protective custody. Lloyd's arraignment took place on Monday, March 6 at Dudley District Court after being held on bail.

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