CHARLTON – The food, drink and travel media website has released its 32 best stouts in the United States and have mentioned a local beer from a popular Worcester County brewery.

The list — The 32 Must-Have Stouts Right Now — includes Tree House Brewing Company’s American Stout, Double Shot.  The brewery is located in the town of Charlton.

According to the author Zach Mack, “The natural harmony that exists between stout and coffee is a beautiful one, and even in a crowded category, this offering from Tree House stands out. Flavors of baker’s chocolate, a freshly pulled Americano, warm brownies baked with caramel, and a scoop of coffee ice cream are balanced by a subtle, java-based acidity that rounds out the palate. Much like a fresh shot of espresso, time is of the essence: Resist the urge to cellar this (and any other beers made with coffee) and drink it as fresh as possible.”

Tree House Brewery Co. is located at 129 Southbridge Rd., Charlton.

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