Mrs. J, an elementary school teacher at Woodland Academy, is hoping to welcome some small new friends to her third grade classroom. They’ve already learned about the lifecycle of the butterfly in past grades, and now it’s time for something even bigger.  

That’s right… frogs!

Mrs. J believes that watching these frogs grow will help her students’ grow as scientists as well. They will be working in groups and have a hands-on approach to learning that will only bring the class closer together in a fun and exciting way.

Interested in helping out?

Head to before June 11, 2018 and check out Mrs. J’s post titled “3rd Grade Froglets!” So far, she’s raised $50 out of her $215 goal to get the frog kits needed to get her plan started. But she needs your help! Donate now and help turn her science class into the science class.

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