Remember that one feeling? Yes, that feeling. The one after you had been staring off into space when the teacher was showing the class how to solve a math problem.

“Now it’s your turn,” the teacher would say.  

Remember the mounting fear as you stared at your blank notebook expecting an answer to appear.

“Well, everyone else must be in the same boat,” you thought to yourself as you looked over at the student seated next to you, their hands folded together on top of a marked-up notebook.

You give up. Scribble down a few random numbers on the page. The teacher moves on. You’ve been left in the dust… some boat to be stranded on.

Ms. Coyne, an elementary school teacher at Tatnuck Magnet School, wants to leave that feeling of isolation in the dust. Ms. Coyne realizes that technology like the Elmo could greatly benefit her students. The Elmo will not only give her the ability to project books, but also give students the chance to visually observe their peers solve difficult math problems.

Ms. Coyne has already gained some traction on her post titled “Envision an Elmo for Math” on She has raised $250 and has until March 26, 2018 to reach her $1,114 goal.  

Now it’s your turn!

Visit today and help Ms. Coyne and her students solve this problem.  

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