Ms. McLoughlin, a teacher at Mill Swan Head Start School, has seen the joy that music can bring to the classroom. Whether it’s dancing along to the classroom’s “clean-up” song or a group band session playing along to a catchy tune, the students love the way music can enhance the school day.

Unfortunately, those classroom instruments are in rough shape. In their current condition, Ms. McLoughlin believes that the students will not able to receive the “full musical experience” that she believes her students deserve.

Being a good musician comes not only from practice and performance, but from an appreciation and understanding of other artists’ work. Ms. McLoughlin recognizes this, and would also like to get some new CD’s that will broaden her students’ knowledge of music and appreciation for other cultures.

Ms. McLoughlin has decided to create a post titled “Music Speaks What Cannot Be Expressed” on Ms. McLoughlin has until July 12, 2018 to meet her $767 goal. So far, she has raised $60, but there’s still a ways to go.

Donate today by visiting  and give her little musicians a chance to continue their shared musical journey.

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