Mrs. Heeps, a teacher at Rice Square School, has already experienced how impactful reading can be in an elementary school classroom.

“A spark was ignited when they read the book ‘Shiloh,’ Mrs. Heeps said. “They didn’t want to stop reading and were sad when the book ended.”

Now, it’s time to move on to a different genre – historical fiction.

Mrs. Heeps uses read-aloud units to give students a foundation to move onto more complex works. Once again, she would like to incorporate this useful tool to help make reading a fun experience for her students.

Help out Mrs. Heeps get copies of “Aurore of the Yukon: A Girl’s Adventure in the Klondike Gold Rush” for all of her students by visiting

Mrs. Heeps needs to reach $1,106 by May 16, 2018. The great news is that there have already been quite a few donors who have contributed to the post. Mrs. Heeps only needs $530 until the class meets their goal. Donate today and help students cultivate a love for reading and learning.

Some great news! Since the project started at, each one of the previous posts have met their goal. It’s fantastic to see how the community is coming together and contributing to education. This couldn’t have been done without your help.  Let’s keep it going!

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